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Global warming: The conspiracy

There have been two overt threads leading to the current hysteria about man made CO2 emissions causing global warming, which joined together around the time they began but can't be sure which came first, although that is not important.

Al Gore was originally fascinated by his lecturer (while doing an arts degree at Harvard, he was poor at science and only took the course due to the American system of minor subjects) Roger Revelle's personal theory that this may be possible and happening, and like a man falls in love instantly across a crowded room, Al took this to his heart and although the late Mr Revelle changed his mind on retirement and told anyone who would listen that he was wrong, it was too late. Al had fallen, and dismissed Revelle as being senile.

To follow Gore to the present, as he joined the parallel bandwagon around the early 90s or before so became the mouthpiece of the movement worldwide, his main interest in global warming was not the environment, but a financial one. His film 'An Inconvenient Truth' was found to have at least ten 'material errors' (ie lies) in a British civil court, and was only the alarmist advertisement for his financial concerns. Right at the beginning, he worked out there was a vast source of profit from this assertion, and worked with Ken Lay, before the collapse of his Enron company, on how best to go about this route. Enron later collapsed after being found to have invented both profits and products, basically paper energy notes based on the collection of non-existent future profits. This worked long enough to collect millions, and I do not know what happened to these after the trial, but can only presume they were not confiscated so the job was done.

Rather than dying with the company, Enron energy credits were reborn, now legally with UN/IPCC assent as carbon credits, buying something that does not belong to the seller, cannot be delivered and conveys no actual benefit. This is the perfect crime. In addition to creating a fictional exchange system Al didn't stop there, but set up his own company, to which he now pays his own massive credits into, as well as collecting from others. This has made him from a millionaire to a billionaire so clearly works. The compliance from the authorities has been to let carbon trading and credits work on voluntary regulation so there is (as in 2011) no contract or guarantee as to where your money goes.

The second limb of the conspiracy is that carbon trading, as opposed to credits, is like car insurance in a growing number of countries. It is not something you risk as a seasoned investor (as did the customers of Bernie Madoff who wasn't sanctioned by the UN) but are forced to do by law if your country legislates for it. A win-win situation for the traders.


Al Gore dealt with, there is a collective conspiracy not even needing a hacker to discover as with Climategate, although there is a connection between the two I will mention soon. The 1991 report The First Global Revolution, of the Club of Rome, an international policy group manned by some of the most powerful people in the world, openly stated:

“The common enemy of humanity is man.
In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
The real enemy then, is humanity itself."

Founded in 1968 at David Rockefeller’s estate in Bellagio, Italy, the CoR describes itself as "a group of world citizens, sharing a common concern for the future of humanity." It consists of current and former Heads of State, UN beaureacrats, high-level politicians and government officials, diplomats, scientists, economists, and business leaders from around the globe."


Video here http://www.youtube.com/user/satguru?feature=mhee#p/a/f/0/pQAc8RteZT4
Their previous report from the 70s was indeed an extremely sensible one, published as a book, to keep world population stable, and received virtually no publicity and absolutely no policy changes, remaining to this day a framework to manage the world's real elephant in the room which is a definite threat as unlike our temperatures it is already spiralling out of control. But their second try, possibly as there is a huge opportunity for financial gain from it rather than simply conserving the planet, was a raving success. Mikail Gorbachev joined the team on retirement from Soviet affairs, as an expert in such areas of oppressing the masses, and in 1996 restated their position:

"The threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key that will unlock the New World Order"

The Wildlands Project http://www.libertymatters.org/ahri-wildlands-rpt.htm

"The environmental issue will bring far more people into the communist movement than peace ever did" Karl Blau, assistant to Mikhail Gorbachev

So it is not 'Why would there be a conspiracy, who would profit?' or 'Show me a conspiracy' but 'Here's the conspiracy'. Just because getting all the pieces of the jigsaw isn't as easy as watching a scary movie, it is both possible and completed. It won't be shown by the BBC or many other outlets however, as the BBC are now working for the enemy. As I suspected long before it was discovered that carbon trading was no 'like Enron' but was Enron, it was pretty obvious, as well as being confirmed by Peter Sissons, Johnny Ball and David Bellamy, who among others fell foul of their one sided policy, breached their charter by acting as a mouthpiece for an organisation set up to spread the message, Globe International. As the BBC are supposed to be balanced and independent, not in theory but by law, acting for a group who have a single agenda is not within their charter, their argument presumably being as long as they are not being paid to do so then it is fine, is hardly convincing. And to tie up another loose end, an officer of Globe International is Lord Roxborough, the very head of the enquiry who found the CRU at East Anglia University not guilty in the climategate enquiry.This is not just a conflict of interests, but as such legally Ultra Vires. That is a decision where there is the chance of a conflict of interests, whether or not it exists, is void ab initio under equity law. So technically as someone on a board specifically to support the work of the CRU, the main supplier of IPCC figures, is not qualified to judge them when they screw up, that exoneration never existed and must have another enquiry with a new head. as if they would.

I am personally a great fan of Buddhism, although know little about the Dalai Lama assumed he was working both for them and Tibet, until he recently made a speech about global warming being a major threat. Guess who he works for, yes, he's in the Club of Rome. They've even bagged a religious leader. Without a forensic accountant and a warrant I can't state the exact investments of all its members along with Globe International, but public shareholder records are not secret and David Cameron, along with other cabinet members and their families, have all got large investments in the very 'green energy' projects they have legislated to subsidies with our taxes. Not an illegal conflict of interests but still wrong. And remember black Monday, when the British economy lost billions in a single day due to speculation crashing the pound when it joined the ERM? The main player (again, simply playing the system as we all can if have enough to risk on it) was George Soros, who recently joined the campaign and invested vast sums himself in wind and solar power. Just look what happened to his last investment to see the likely results.


Despite open and less open statements and acts being revealed, I still find a blank response by believers who would rather trust data than the people who generated it, in an interview just before the Cancun Summit in 2010, a top IPCC officer, Ottmar Edenhofer, was interviewed and simply stated:

"...one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world's wealth by climate policy. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore..."

Despite this being able to stand alone, the background and history is essential to see to show Edenhofer is not speaking as a rogue individual (despite representing one of the most powerful groups on earth) but simply stating what has always been. Why he chose to 'come out' as he did remains uncertain, but around a year later can say this was not read beyond the internet, and there was absolutely no reaction among the believers, just as if Santa had dropped his beard and shown to be your father yet you still put the stocking out every following year. That is a human failing rather than a failing of the evidence, as pride and kudos will blind most people to actual facts, especially combined with the most powerful evil of all, fear, and not just for yourself (as we'll be ok) but your unborn grandchildren. But remove the mist of emotion and greed and these are the facts, take them or leave them.

If drawn as a spider's web going downwards with time, you can see a general birth around 1990, as I can't say exactly who decided the Club of Rome decision (although its members are known and the report is all online as linked here). Don't be diverted by trees in the wood looking for individual motives and actions, they are all the fruit of a single tree, a decision to invent a problem to create a reaction and then offer the pre-written solution we would never have accepted had there not been a problem, much like losing our liberty for security after 9/11, something Benjamin Franklin said over 100 years earlier, whoever does this deserves neither. It's an old trick and one despite being exposed time after time will always succeed as long as people trust those in authority. Once those at the top go bad, it is very difficult for those lower down not to follow or lose their children's school fees. Even the most honest and genuine scientists don't want to go bankrupt as those mortgages have to be paid and won't be if they are ostracised from the profession as a handful such as David Bellamy already claim to have been. The reason 'senile' (to quote Al Gore) ex-professors have always been the most vociferous opponents of global warming is they have nothing to lose. Think about it.

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EXCELLENT. Evangelical priest Harold Camping who predicted the end of the world for 21st May this year has a wonderful church. Among its world-wide members, who for secrecy won't admit it, are Al Gore, Australia's Prime Minister and her Labor Party government, also the Australian Green Party members. Also world-wide greenies and all other supporters of the global warming polices and blame it on humans. Coming soon will be a world-wide tax to stop the massive storm on Saturn, see http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2011/19may_saturnstorm/ which is of course being caused by humans on Earth. The new predicted date for the end of Earth is 21 October 2011 unless of course we all pay 25% extra tax on every thing we buy, use etc. Taxing people CAN save the planet just like cleaning your teeth with caustic soda ensures you have clean teeth. KEEP THESE ARTICLES GOING AND SPREAD THE WORLD. HUMANS ARE NOT, NOT, NOT, GOING TO CAUSE THE END OF THE WORLD. For billions of years I was stardust before I became alive on planet Earth and in time I will become stardust again for billions of years.