Saturday, August 20, 2011

Political points

The role of government is to look after those in trouble and protect citizens from harm. Anything more is simply ideological interference.
The law of socialism (maths not included): Anyone having more money than most people reduces the total amount available and has to be claimed back from them in tax. In fact each person has the potential to become rich independently, and if so they create what economists call 'growth', ie the total wealth has actually increased. This means they are either too thick to add up or thieves, neither of which are a good thing.CO2 emissions have shown despite huge taxes the only time they went down was the year of the world recession, showing only a correlation with reduced growth. Therefore, by further reducing the economy by growing restrictions the politicians will guarantee a long term depression which will indeed reduce CO2. In a pyramid scheme the product is the means to an end, not important in itself. They use it as a reason to move money up the pyramid from the bottom to the top until it collapses through lack of people to add. Solar and wind power are using this principle to pay users with the money taken from those who use other sources. The products don't work and it just moves the money around.

Money comes in two basic types, earned and created. They are not the same. If you create money it is akin to forgery, and in the UK and US has proved worthless to fuel the economy. But the government are in the know, and rather than use this newly created cash to pay their own debts they take it from us in taxes. They have proved the difference, as the only money they can use is real earned money based on production. The only way to fuel the economy is to reduce taxes, which they don't do.

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