Monday, August 01, 2011

Wasted efforts?

Today's theme is delayed reactions, or technically no reactions. If I stay up till 4am doing research it's because I don't get interrupted that late so get on with everything without a break, and the end result is blog posts and articles from what I've discovered. Besides a handful of comments from those who already know these things the reactions and responses I've had have been precisely zero, besides a genuine shock from a radio presenter I called. Nothing happened but he knows. And that's the only result, the bare minimum. People have been told. They can't then say whenever it comes out 'Wow, who'd ever have expected that', much like the poor simpleton Gordon Brown, an economist who genuinely thinks we're dumb enough to think he couldn't see uncontrolled lending would mean a mass default. They hear it, ignore it, but it's there.

So I won't give up digging and sharing the dirt, but now realise people don't care. Otherwise efforts are expended similarly in other areas, and the rule is quality not quantity for success. You don't succeed by almost killing yourself, but by focusing and knowing where to focus. Not that I do, but even when you do then it doesn't guarantee results, it just buys you a ticket. Funnily enough I've just joined the first dating site for years and waiting for their activation link, and although it took two years I did meet my last girlfriend on one, and basically if this one is actually free (the site is blocked until you join, go figure) I have nothing beyond the wasted hours on the phone to total strangers plus the embarrassing evenings in dodgy pubs continuing said phone calls with women I'd never dreamed of even approaching had I met them face to face first. But I'll try it in case. The media work is no different. My focus was the only way you can succeed without an Equity card or being a qualified journalist. I networked, my one known contact needed what I could offer and took off ever since. But the media has levels like any other career, and I'm on step one, voluntary usage in fringe areas. Beyond that level we can't dictate who uses what, I've had many leads which could have got me on step two or even higher, but is pure chance which projects get completed or not.

But as far as the news goes, I've never seen things like this before. The world situation is at a lifetime low, the signs are all out there (I compiled a list of world commodity prices, which have been shooting up the last few years as well as the population which has tripled!), and what do people do? Ignore it. What this man made recession has done is to increase prices and regulations threefold while keep incomes where they are, or a fraction if you live off investments. We're not at third world rates yet but if you graph the pay over price ratio ahead, if nothing stops the trend we soon will be. So people ignore the trend and wait for the disaster and then realise. What can they do about it then? Search me, it's never happened before in my lifetime. The graphs show stability since the end of rationing in the 40s, and then the last few years before the crash prices rocketed. That money's going somewhere- Russia, China, politicians, bankers, and away from us. The total hardly changes but the shift is to the already super rich from everyone else. If prices go up we all lose except the retailers. Do you own an oilfield or a wind farm? Or a supermarket? If not then all these price rises will slowly cripple you all. Houses now cost three times the multiple of income they did a few years ago. So there's already a lot less left. I don't know how people even manage now but somehow they seem to as they aren't rioting on the streets or even writing to the papers. But if you can't see it now you soon will believe me. The mechanism has already been put in place to put the recent price rises into the big time and then you'll notice. And guess what, I told you.

Of course the first thing I want is action- people realising they are fucked and they must start telling everyone else how and why as once you know this you will stop accepting it. Currently I am blamed as paranoid although all the data is in, as it always is before I begin any campaign. But no one who hadn't worked it out already even believes me, or cares. They feel rich so they think they are. They feel free, unless they want to buy a light bulb, park your car or take a photo without being stopped and questioned. Those are the very beginnings of restrictions, and must come in slowly or we'll all notice and object. So look for them and realise if you can be taxed on something new at a low level then it will rise, like car parking outside your own house. This is happening worldwide in one way or another as there is only one connected economy, there's one pool of cash and it's moving away from you and me.

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