Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The new totalitarian state

A democracy is a political organisation where every qualified individual has the regular opportunity to choose who represents them. The EU is slowly taking over the functions of individual governments, and has now reached the point it is about to impose restrictions not seen since the fall of the Soviet Union and worse. Had they been democratic the people would have objected, and voted such measures out at the next election, problem over. But the EU policies are not made by the European Parliament (I'm still not quite sure what they do do but that's another issue) but the permanent EU Commission. They debate in private and do not require published minutes, all we usually know about it is when they announce their latest policies.

So, as the EU have reached the point where they make the majority of decisions in Britain at least then whatever we vote for we always get the same, and have no means of redress or accountability. That actually means all EU members are in the start (or worse) of a totalitarian state. For example no EU member state can actually choose on carbon reduction programmes, they are compulsory. Commodity prices mainly in the area of food are set by the EU by holding back goods and paying producers not to produce. In individual countries this would normally be illegal but in the EU it's de rigeur and always was. Protectionism and price fixing are also indicative of totalitarianism, so they qualify on that count as well. And with the imminent removal of rail subsidies, road pricing and banning cars altogether in cities can you think of a single country who would have actually voted such measures in? Or one with a constitution allowing them if they were attempted?


rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

I agree with you. And you lot in the UK are now going to get things even worse, despite having the Conservatives in power, because of the mindless un-disciplined people, young and old, who caused the recent riots there. These thugs are going to have forced upon them the very thing they were allegedly rebelling about. Oh well life is not worth living so I don't care what happens to the human race in the future as I will just be dust waiting to turn back to stardust.

rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...