Monday, September 19, 2011

The big picture

A quick summary of the big picture. The EU are planning further union to avoid Greek default, something which would have not have been nearly so easy had a pressing reason not existed to create it. It could almost have been arranged to do so.
Meanwhile geoengineering is now under way, with poisonous sulphate salts to be sprayed to a sky near you to reduce the population. If you want to know what pollution really is you will soon find out directly what the difference is.

As a woman announces on the radio Mauritius will be underwater within 15 years the sea level fell twice the amount it rose in previous years in 2011, but the media missed it. Chris Huhne has now claimed despite energy bills going up around a further 18% and rising by shopping around you can save £300. Ann Robinson did the sums a week earlier and her team couldn't break £23. I am now able to legally refer to him as 'The liar Chris Huhne' as he has joined Barack Obama in that elite group of politicians who have quite openly told porkies.

These are the people you voted in to help you, they are not helping us but themselves, and that is why they are there. If you want help from anyone look to friends and family, even the police, but not politicians.

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