Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seaford beach

Seaford beach
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Well well, a new blog format, and it says I've got more hits than before. So what the heck should I write? First I've been to the seaside for the first time in about 9 years as illustrated here, completing a 9 month project to extend my photo coverage as far as possible for my online map. Otherwise nothing's really new, I am possibly detaching a bit more from external events I am clearly unable to affect whatever I do, and trying to pay more attention to my personal reality than that made by other people. Now my trips are complete officially I can spend more time around locally, not feel guilty, and take photos for art again rather than location as I did today. If it lets me upload photos without having to share them from Flickr (there is a button but so far not functional) I will add some of them as well, they aren't going anywhere now.

A few oddities, first someone I was at school with sent me a message with his brother's email, I'd been looking for him since I went online with no success as he went to Holland in 1975, and despite having no known reason not to ignored my message. That almost compares with the two other friends who died before I could find them, except they had no choice in the matter. My ex girlfriend who didn't chuck me also didn't reply when I finally found her as well, married and carrying a baby in the photo, like basically telling every other man to keep away or else. As we didn't part on especially good terms long after her mother chucked me (it turns out a good many exes didn't chuck me personally but their parents did it for them), and would have been amazed if she had replied. Nobody who has is local any more, half are abroad and even if I could have revived a friendship won't do it if they're not around here.

My new room is now complete and gradually clearing the bags left over from after we sold my grandma's house, the garage (the rubbish man came yesterday so only small things to remove now), and the garden. I won't feel guilty wandering around locally now (which I actually prefer doing nowadays), and can usually find something to do whether or not other people are also involved at the moment. Meanwhile the spiritual work will always continue as well, maybe it works but you can't usually tell till you're almost there. I hope more people start blogging again as Facebook seems to have taken over, but this is still unique in what it does. I've also learnt about detective work, having spent many years doing my own. The qualifications required are time, patience, logic and access to information, and ideally a technical advisor. David Icke isn't qualified for anything as far as I know but taught me more than any other individual, and juries aren't needed to be qualified either. That basically says it all.

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