Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More conversations with god (the course not mine)

I recently checked out an apparently free lecture by Neale Donald Walsch, having read as far as I know all the books of the series, and the ad said for all those who followed them and still felt life was pretty much shit (my version there). So as that applied to me I checked it out, 90 minutes or so, and he basically picked the three principles we all knew already, maybe added a bit more (I'll have to listen again) and the last half hour was advertising his 7 week online course at a cost of near on $400. Now as far as I can tell, the whole message of the books was that if we followed the advice we could sort things out, now he's accepted many of us clearly didn't, and now offers the solution as 'he needs 14 hours dialogue and 7 weeks to do it rather than a residential week'. Oh yes? The book does say that whatever the bible said Jesus was the way skeptical people could realise god who didn't believe they could make the transition directly, so needed a man as a bridge between the two camps. He also mentions lots of other teachers, unlike many, saying they are all giving the same message. He also does not appear to endorse Jesus' apparent message 'The only route to god is through me', in fact quite the opposite.

Now he is almost saying (although clearly some people must have succeeded in applying the principles from the books alone or there wouldn't be many buyers) that the only way to god is through his fucking course. You what? Are you saying despite your, god's and our own minds (part of god's it says) we still need a 7 week bleeding expensive course in order for the teachings to actually work? Do me a lemon, as one of my pupils used to say, you are appearing to take the route of those you spend about 11 books running down. There are two meditations across the series, just variations on a normal yogic theme, and although I didn't do them very long as I had my own already were possibly no better or worse than any others as persistence appears to be the key. Amazingly enough I am not doing the course, but believe if the rest of the material is genuine I wouldn't need to as I have all the material already. I also believe if it is true many things I write and know already come from a universal pool of information as I don't always have nearly enough information to know what I do, yet it tends to be correct whenever it comes to me so clearly. I am hoping this post is inspired and guided by whatever is doing it, and I am directly requesting the help, he asked once and now I do know he got an answer in a clear outside voice, so he says it can be done.

Secondly as the books are such a complete (apparently) collection, what could possibly still be missing to require a 7 week course at such a cost? In contrast I've studied under a few teachers, admittedly with varying results, one ran a course lasting at least 5 months and did have some (temporary) results and was free. The second taught me basically all I needed in a free half hour lecture. I've since been to a longer one and read both his books, which give more details how to apply the rules but they are so basic you can just apply them whenever you can. Guru G offers an online course offering almost constant works which is the toughest (not to do but to find the time to) but very effective, and free. I know it works as I've heard the results from the successful pupils. I will say Abraham-Hicks and God (Walsch) offer one identical message, and admittedly one I still don't get. Maybe it's the one he spends much of the course doing. This thing that if you don't want something you get more of it and vice versa. It's not only theirs, but one they both consider extremely important, although I don't remember much in the books but only the new lecture. You are supposed to say everything you have now is fine already before you can move on. That is a theological perspective and one I am not qualified to analyse, except to say I still don't get it. People have tried to explain, but has never really done more than follow that if we focus on something we don't like we magnify it through attention so shouldn't do so. Of course that depends on the degree, and pain tells us not to focus on it but fix it. The rest can only be ignored relative to its degree of unpleasantness, and if you can't fix it then you are meant to focus on something else or it won't go away mentally, or accept it exactly as it is and it will and not try and resist it.

Now anyone with a problem can try this for themselves. Don't label it as bad, but just watch it or if it's part of a wider view don't dwell on it. That seems to work from not getting a parking space right the way up to enlightenment. It explains why I can't get a decent woman, my friends have unanimously moved away, I have no direct family apart from my parents, and my media career is stuck on the first step after climbing it some years ago. So as a recent example, how could I have done my last TV interview better? I performed to me perfectly well (I've been doing this stuff a while now) and the only thing I did was to remind him at the end not to arrange it for the morning (as no one else has) so I could do it properly. Having prima donna regulations is hardly against the media rules, plus besides saying it once already was hardly unreasonable. But I didn't do anything the books say is wrong about wanting it too much, not caring at all or planning my answers too carefully rather than being spontaneous. But he gave the work to someone else (bear in mind we don't actually get paid for this, the payment is being on TV) and I did nothing different to usual besides repeat myself once.

The Secret would say 'Feel like you are famous already and gradually the energy will change around you to reflect it'. In effect you do it for a few minutes a day for a while and let it go or you end up in a short holiday in an institution, and I did it for a couple of other things and it did work, so won't kick that out entirely as quantum physics tells us that these things are scientifically possible as well as in practice. Of course the bible and other teachers say if you reach enlightenment you stop caring about material things, get enlightened and then get the rest as a consequence. Short of interviewing Walsch's new course disciples, I won't be able to discover the success or otherwise, but that would be the only real way to know. But if you hadn't read the books then cramming it all into such a course would make sense, and not cost that much more than the price of the books when taking the teaching time into account on top. But for long time followers? That's like getting to the last year of your degree and then being told you can't do it for another few years and they're going to charge a lot more. Funnily enough after checking my own eligibility for a further qualification checked it out and was told of a further course of a similar nature. Those synchronicities are signs, and probably the message for me is Walsch's first rule, I was born perfect so don't need to change anything, just to realise I am already. Now if it's that simple what could possibly be contained in a 7 week course to communicate that effectively? He's made millions already (unless his publishers did him up, but that is normally confined to music where I hear they take about 95% of the income) and online worldwide imagine how many $400s will add up when he's run the course and removed his advertising expenses from the total? I must be cynical when I see a top teacher acting like a bottom teacher and need to work out how and why. But he certainly hasn't got me on board there but haven't dumped his teaching either. But the conflict is that there shouldn't be such a need for his long and expensive course if the books are worth reading.


rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

If you have to pay for advice on how to be with, talk to etc God or even Jesus then it is a CON. The assumed God never asked Moses, Abraham, Noah etc for cash payment and neither did Jesus. The bloke running this scam of books etc is just a confidence trickster who despite his teaching of how God/Jesus wants us all to be equal etc (communism and socialism we call it in the modern world) this bloke of course is allowed not to be equal and is allowed to profit from the followers. Profit not to build and administer religious buildings which many are very expensive to build and display much wealth, wealth which the religious leaders do not want the followers to have. The Vatican and the Pope, the Church of England and most of these new modern Assembly of God type of churches all do it, wealth for Gods leaders but not for the people. And don't forget the tithing of your income to the religious group to ensure their constant income.
This type of religion and worship is for the gullible and those people un-able to think for themselves. They believe what they are told by so called Gods chosen leaders and by giving they think they will be given a place in heaven and sitting NEXT to God himself for eternity.
If you think that planet Earth is over-populated with its over seven billion people just remember that already about the same number, seven billion people have already died since humans became a race separated from monkeys and apes. Add all the billions of animals, birds etc that have also died since the Earth was formed, far more than what is already on the planet. Plus add all the forms of life that has died on other planets in the universe, it is not just life from planet Earth that allegedly goes to Heaven as God loves ALL live in his Universe because HE made them all. Then Heaven is mighty populated and it is claimed EVERYONE will be at peace with each other!
Send me any amount of money you like and I too will promise you eternal life, peace in Heaven and I do NOT have an expensive building or administration office etc to pay for but I just want to be richer than you and when I die I can give all my wealth, I mean your wealth to God. I Love you and so does Jesus, Moses, God etc.

David said...

You're right there, you can assess the teachings on their own merit and anyone is entitled to be paid for writing books, but when they then say 'I've written 11 books and many people still say they're getting nothing from it, but do my $400 online course and you will' is crossing that line to me.

The whole point about teachings is they are a test of our own discretion and even when you accept someone you are entitled to point out when they go wrong, it's almost as if it was sent as a test so I could rely back on myself. It's not as if I didn't know the teaching already and if he's now saying his books are inadequate that can't be right either as they still have their merit and appear to offer us all the chance to sort things out with nothing more. No doubt he has his reasons but I'm not joining that particular offering.