Sunday, March 04, 2012

The illuminati? Do me a favour!

Inspired by Ishtar's blog I will expand on my own observations there. The 'illuminati', those behind United Nations Agenda 21 (see wikipedia, it's all there) are not the elite, but actually the lowest level behind the development of every single group on earth. Let me explain. In spiritual terms we are in a huge mixed age comprehensive school, all grades and levels learning in the same place. The two lowest levels of the ego are not realising you shouldn't get what you want by taking it from others, and wanting power for its own sake. Therefore our politicians represent in the main those who want to be there to tell others how to live, pretty much like the police. Taxing people heavily is removing honestly earnt money to spend for your own reasons, whether to invade another country- because you can, or the arms deals make your donors rich and donate more, or you want to plunder their resources, but whichever way you look at it these are not honourable or spiritual acts.

So we have a learning pyramid, with the most at the lowest levels and thinning out as you reach the very top of enlightenment. They of course see through it all and couldn't care less as they know it's just a game and they can't be affected. The lowest ones will all learn and catch up eventually, but till then the physical world is absolute chaos, only understood by the enlightened, until enough reach the higher levels to leave the rest behind as a powerless minority much like the homeless tramps begging in city centres. Those at the top politically and often economically cannot be judged on their power or wealth but the fact they want the power and how they got the wealth. Those who earned it honestly are spiritually clean, but the majority who used government subsidies to rob the poor to pay their profits (eg wind farms and solar panels) or simply used mafia tactics to win contracts and steal the ideas of your opposition to get the edge in the market place. Sure, on the physical level these guys appear to be winning the race, but those at the spiritual top have nothing to prove and are content however they are as their peace and wellbeing comes from within. If you get to that point then there is no possible reason to want to organise lesser beings. You may want to teach, and many of these teachers (Guru Swami G and Prem Rawat to name two I know well) do not charge for their teaching at all, but somehow still manage regardless.

So when looking at those claiming or claimed to be illuminati or the elite think again. Do you respect the mafia? I doubt it, as you know that despite their enormous power and wealth they stole it all. Now see the majority of governments that way and you'll see that money and power do not make anyone an elite, far from it. If they are judged by their actions and not by their collections it is a quite different picture. The elite are only there as the majority of people do not realise this and trust them inherently. My job (as once you know something important it is your duty to share it) is to allow as many people as possible to discover the truth and not trust these crooks as far as you can influence their actions. See them for who they are, ruthless psychopaths in the main (even if some aren't it will allow you to see the main picture clearly) and will lie and cheat as much as they need to to get whatever they want. Our own Mr Obama would most likely fit the bill perfectly, his Mr Chu the energy secretary is carrying out his will to make petrol as expensive as it is in Europe, he just signed a bill to allow indefinite detention for US citizens without trial, and has run up the biggest US debt in history which he continues to raise when he needs even more. What has he achieved for the country a Republican (McCain in this case) couldn't have done? I don't know, but had McCain done exactly the same at this point in time as Obama would he have been considered a success and voted in a second time in November?

You must learn to analyse, go beneath the surface and learn how spiritual development affects people and apply it. Look at not the collections someone has amassed, whether wealth, land, power or even qualifications, for these things are all neutral. You can be a genius, but a bloody evil one, and get the best grades on earth and use the knowledge to kill people, often by creating the most efficient weapons and making millions from selling the ideas. All material success here is entirely irrelevant, only the individual counts, would you trust them with your money? Your children? Your life? These are the questions you have to ask. If you left your money out and left the room would it still be there when you came back? Would they forget to feed your cat when you were away and make excuses when found out? Would they help you when you were in trouble even when it ruined what they were doing at the time?

I won't dig myself in here any further by naming names, I've given one and you can get the formula and apply it to them yourself. There are a few politicians I do trust, on the little I know. And none of them have ever got above junior minister maximum. No surprise there, as their own principles prevent them from playing the same game it takes for the others to reach the top. Their personal honour and ethics stops them from having to join the 'elite' to appear to become one of them. The day Ron Paul, David Davies, Nigel Farage, Christopher Monckton and possibly one day Robert Halfon become leaders of their countries we'll know the public have probably woken up sufficiently to know what and who to vote for. In a new study at Cornell University Dr Dunning confirms the majority of people don't understand enough about politics to vote properly, and until they can we'll get more Obamas, Blairs, Camerons and worst of all, Gillards. Look at her parliamentary speech record to see why I say this.

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