Thursday, February 16, 2012

Still keeping busy

I've still been around, and do my daily blog elsewhere nowadays when more people actually see it. But I've also ended up opening another blog here as my two articles generated no interest from publishers so put them plus the climate conspiracy page there so anyone can read them directly. It shunted the third to another page even I have trouble locating although it's my blog, but all there now.

Meanwhile I've been taking photos on trips for the map a few times a week and running out of places I can get to in daylight now till the spring. I then returned to my popular video tours and the camera's corrupting the files so spent two days editing rickets and counting, currently placing a message I haven't paid for the program on the film as that was the only one which processes corrupt files. Bastards.

My life has been active so far, and besides learning more meditation methods (each has a different purpose, they don't duplicate function) end up each time completing projects but being in exactly the place I was before. I am following the route of Conversations with God (down Roger, it's nothing to do with religion) by learning to control my own life directly, far more traditional witchcraft than modern religion. Based on the multidimensional model, where we are limited by three dimensions through our senses and then learn to open up to more, ultimately infinite. That is the name of my game and any mention of God is incidental as it's a personal mission with instructions from books and lectures. The actual end is the name of God 'I am', as in I am God. Then it makes sense. Examples being when I can start off knowing very little about a subject I'm interested in, and start answering a question on it and the answers just flow. Then sooner or later it turns out I'm right. This is the psychic level of linking with universal mind, as it's all out there, but 3D minds tell us they don't have the evidence and won't accept it. But the longer I watch the more there is, and Barack Obama is proving to work for the enemy in every move he makes, as I spotted on day one. You end up having to trust such information on the source (me in this case) alone once they've got a track record. I trust myself now on it anyway.

So in trying to control life I must look for the reason for everything. The ones which are obvious messages imply the rest are not so obvious, and as Jung said, when you see the motive behind everything then nothing can be hidden from you again. He used psychoanalysis, I use other methods not requiring others to help in person. For instance I've reached the point now where my two outdoor activities are closed for a bit, and although still free and have things to do indoors like to go out first before settling down for the evening. I have a couple of longer photo trips I could do before spring but need a long run and the energy to do them. Since I've discovered my life seems to be guided in this way I am hoping whatever happens something will point me in the right direction tomorrow and find something useful to do. Besides the possible photos if not then at the moment I'm stumped. I made a video today which proved my camera is now faulty as I bought a new pack of DVDs and it did the same thing it did last time, so short of buying a new one (who does repairs now?) am going to need a program and days to edit them (you'd be amazed how long it takes- saving the project at the end takes over an hour let alone loading them and cutting bits out) as it makes a good film and leaves a virus thingie in it that only one program can currently deal with and then covers the screen with its message to say I shouldn't be using it.

The aim it to reach a point when I have more than I did before, so when a job is done I don't return to the same place I was already. There's a list of alternative improvements which are required, and as none are technically in my direct sayso will just keep going and aim myself there indirectly. I've been around long enough to know limits and on a programme last week a sociologist was talking about so many false hopes people have they can sort things out which aren't in their power to do so. In the end the best thing we can change is ourselves, and the better we are the less the crap outside bothers us. I keep at it and if no one wants to publish my work, women aren't interested in me without a certificate of insanity and my friends move further and further away that may not be fixable but I just won't mind so much. It's the best we can do without a miracle.


rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

OK so I gone to your new blog and joined it and I have bookmarked it. BIG problem for oldies like me, 70 this May, the text is too damn small and using grey text on white just makes reading it almost impossible. So I decided to Save all the text and then put it onto Word on my computer and up the text size to 14pt and then print such out. Saving it and your text size gave me 25 yes 25 pages. Increasing the text size to 14pt gave me 45 yes 45 pages. there is no way am I going to waste ink and paper to do that. Can't afford it on my Aussie pension and the little bit of UK pension is getting smaller due to the currency exchange rate.

I have a BIG magnifying glass in front of my computer screen so I can read the too frequent small text size. Also because of my failing eyesight I am unable to look at a computer screen, television or book/newspaper for longer than about 10 to 15 minutes and then I get total blurred vision which can takes about half and hour to correct. Makes my life hell. Having they eyes fixed position doing reading is hell for me.

I have saved your blog notes on my computer and will try to read them over the next few days.

I ordered direct from an Aussie publisher last week two new books that come out in March that further expose the frauds of the world-wide Greens. the books are Little Green Lies: Twelve Environment Myths by Jeff Bennett. And the other book is Killing the Planet to Save It by James Delingpole. Both of these books have had excellent reviews here in Australia.

Keep up the good work you ae doing.

David said...

It's a new blog and although I chose the format the default font is a bit rough and prints out even worse. I'll fatten it up soon as it can be fixed.