Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Open your eyes to the crime around us all

I am certainly not impatient with the news, as some stories have been knocking around for up to a year now while life and business worldwide carries on as usual. Iran has not blown anyone up (that's a good thing when it comes to speculating incorrectly), while Greece appears to have sealed its debt issues (as someone on this very blog predicted although I'd celebrate if it fell apart) and no one's been hauled up over Climategate as it involves the highest level of government corruption so impossible to allow it to be exposed in court or otherwise. I have been trained to allow my investigative abilities, and once you have opened that set of eyes then you can see it all, as people can't really lie to you for very long or carry out a fraud without the signs being as clear as when you shine a black light on fluorescent paint. It's a very limited scope, the same situation reworked in a few ways but basically a 360 degree system of mutual protection and blackmail, ensuring all the chains remain linked as if you get someone else into trouble you get everyone into trouble. Above that is they who must be obeyed, the top tier which can't be touched or removed as they are the law, so are happy to announce every now and then what they are doing as they know perfectly well they've done it already and there is no authority above them to hold them to account. Who could prosecute the UN for treason? Good question, answer, no one.

So basically the mafia now run most of the world. Not local mafias any more, as now they have joined together much like the previously isolated band of obscure climate departments in universities, so each now makes the laws in their own country while being fed the script from above. Is it a coincidence that the interest rates and bank bailouts have been almost identical around the world (except for Iceland) while no new regulations have been introduced to stop the banks continuing 40 times leveraged deals, short selling, structured derivatives etc, which are basically the same as mock auctions and ponzi schemes but legal if carried out by a bank or government.

Once you learn the mafia ways it's dead simple, they are no different to the internet scam emails except they are authorised by law. Invent profits for a company based on non-existent assets and quite rightly you will go down for fraud, but call them carbon credits and tell the public they will save the planets and they become a way to slice portions of wealth from every company and individual not in on the game on earth. Nothing is complicated, it's all based on legalised and justified wealth removal, and the cruder the method the larger the sum. This latest and largest of all is the equivalent of walking through a train, clubbing each passenger on the head, stealing their wallets and walking off with the guards tipping their hats to you. Not subtle or complicated, a basic primitive raid no different to the Vikings or Huns. Rape and pillage, but with suits and calculators. If you imagine and see your taxes as being a Viking raid then all but the decapitations and fields of burning shells of buildings will have occurred, much like the neutron bomb which kills the people but saves the buildings for occupation by the enemy.

Once you see this fraud as if watching Penn and Teller without the screens and camera angles the magic goes and it's like being bound and gagged while the police look for the person who did it in front of you. You make a sound but no one can understand you. But that lovely man Barack Obama could never be working for anyone else, he's the president. George Soros gives millions to charity, how could he want to sell arms to both sides so they can wipe out thousands of people while he takes the money and turns his back. How could Chris Huhne lie to the police to save his driving licence? How could FIFA officials ask for bribes to get countries to host the world cup? You see, half these scams were proved, others are under investigation while others may never be made public. But I see them all regardless if convicted, accused or ignored. They are all the same, but only those whose eyes have opened are able to see them for what they are. Maybe by writing this it may open a few more eyes, I can only hope and teach.


Anonymous said...

Do NOT walk, sleep or live alone. The Mafia do NOT like what you have written here. You have been warned.

David said...

Oh dear, I've just written a 12 page article on this now, what's going to happen?

Anonymous said...

We are following you everywhere. Your computer and phones have been intercepted so we know what you are doing. We have your bank accounts numbers so we can at a later date empty the accounts. We do have a nice big, and we do mean big, 82 year old Sicilian woman who we will be forcing you to marry. We know that you are a member of and on the executive committee of the Kingsbury Green Party.