Sunday, July 08, 2012

Recent activity

Firstly the politics. It has become clear there is a standard pattern for wrongdoing. First someone notices, then someone complains, then they are sacked or bribed (or possibly killed) for doing so, then it leaks out, then the insiders know and tell others who don't believe them, and eventually it becomes common knowledge, like Barclays Bank fixing the libor rate. Considering they both did it for over 5 years without let or hindrance, and all in the know say it was on government and Bank of England orders then it sets a standard example. The worst part is the mafia and other organised crime is endemic throughout history, but only lasts so long as so many people around them allow it to once discovered. In fact they are worse than the original criminals as anyone without a conscience will commit a crime given the chance, but when anyone witnesses one and refuses to act they are encouraging it, which to me is worse as they have become willing secondary parties.

Mount Pleasant Villas

Back to personal life, my freedom is now the result of completing my photo mission, with none left under 60 miles now and all optional. Last week was just over 60 and the furthest yet, and have another planned soon. The first local trip since then was on uncharted territory (by yards) as I remembered the old railway line south hadn't been covered from Highgate to Finsbury Park, so did that and will add some photos if this eventually allows me to. Besides the next photo trip it's pretty much planning a day at a time again, and so far the usual excitement is ahead, including a trip to the local dump and doing the garden. I see it as a lesson to remember I am free and should make the best of it regardless of how boring and stressful it inevitably gets. The usual arrangements I'm not interested in, nagging, and whatever else is par for the course in all our lives are still going on, and have to deal with them without having things ruined for me in the process. Still seeming things are guided more and more people report the same experiences around me, so that means I should trust it hasn't stopped and whatever gaps there are are still sending me in the right directions.

As far as the news goes it's just crumbs as always, a British winner in the Wimbledon men's doubles and Barclay's being caught for cheating. I can't think of any more as something bad not happening isn't news as you haven't gained anything, so only profit counts and you don't watch the news for that normally. No aliens revealed or carbon taxes repealed, or countries leaving the Euro. Of the three I expect one country will abandon a carbon tax following an election, but the domino effect doesn't work there as each is independent, unlike a collective like the Euro or all or nothing situation like proof of aliens. I said ages ago they can't allow a country to leave the Euro and it is now sailing through the storms without a single casualty. It's not about money, they can supply as much of that as they need as it's all ours and they can remove it freely, so however poor the economies become they won't allow them to break free.

So I am in a vacuum at the moment, between one project and the next, and at least have the time to meditate again which is the solution for everything if it works. I only know it works occasionally for a few minutes, but the aim is to extend that to most of the time.

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