Sunday, July 01, 2012

I'm still here

Have you missed me? I was just reminded I'd lost track how long I'd been here, although in my defence I have been posting on the connected blog which is purely technical not anecdotal. I'd still add regularly but things have changed, few read here nowadays and even fewer post, and almost no one comments. That is no incentive to produce more if it feels no one is taking any notice, so I keep the regular blog here now if anyone still wants to keep up. They lost their blog format some time ago but still have the material there. My other blog But I've been far busier in real life as my photo project to cover as much of the south of England has been every week or so and now covered as much of the map grid as planned, with just distance records now when I get the chance. They all need locating exactly so when you've spent a day on the road you then need another day on the computer getting them all on.

My other blog here is my work priority (voluntary that is) as now it's written and complete the easy work is to spread it until enough people know to stop it. If I'm lucky (and the world, it's for everyone's benefit if not directly involved) eventually a media outlet will adopt it and do the work for me, as it's a complete picture of how the international mafia (led by David Rockefeller) runs the world with the knowledge of a handful of people. Even though in true mafia style they admit it and boast about it in the open while the media take no notice and leave it to people like me to do it instead.

So since last time I've covered Essex and south Cambridgeshire, including some old red triangle warning signs meaning I've now completed all within 50 miles except a couple similar I couldn't find when out, and generally far more active now my energy has rturned to closer what it ought to be at my age, although much less compared to most. But once you've done a few and managed OK it becomes more of a routine and more to come. I'm still meditating of course and will have more time to now, and using many from Higher Balance which are the closest to what I was aiming for originally. They work just enough to know they are genuine. For the first time in ages yesterday's now annual school reunion had half the class below me as was organised by someone, so wasn't the same couple of people I didn't bother with before (they were there but didn't need to take any notice) plus one or two random others if I was lucky. I didn't take the camera after the last few years but everyone else took photos and am waiting for them now. Meanwhile here is the most remote place on the east coast you can take a photo before the road stops.

If you try and leave the road an go beyond you may risk getting shot, and very few people have going by the lack of other photos.

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