Saturday, February 16, 2013

Discrimination, my arse

Listening to Woman's Hour on the BBC, I was amazed to hear the most educated women in the country whining and whinging on every single week about them not being able to succeed in every profession being discussed, exactly the same as when black people on the TV crime shows regularly say the police only stopped them (while speeding/no insurance/carrying drugs etc) 'because they're black'. Of course it only needed one instance of the weary policeman explaining he stopped the car at night and couldn't see who was driving it to prove nearly every single other example was equally bogus, and the secondary evidence being the huge majority of them were indeed guilty of offences.

Now we have laws against discrimination it's both very rare from the start, at least against women, and while police may enjoy nicking black men in the street for whatever reasons of their own, very few can or will be convicted as a consequence unless they have broken the law, which the figures show they frequently have, which I would suggest is the likeliest reason the police will stop them more than anyone else.

But these pathetic women, bearing in mind my mother qualified as Britain's youngest barrister in the 50s, and said her view of feminism was doing your best and getting on regardless, and continued to become a judge. One example may only be one, but it does set a precedent in an era where women earned less and landlords were allowed to select who they wanted by colour and race. Nowadays none of these things are allowed by law, although apparently many companies do pay women less but I would suggest this is between the staff, them and the unions to sort out assuming it actually is now illegal, and if not then work so it is if they are doing exactly the same work as men (unlike the tennis players who wanted the same prizes for three sets per round, bleeding cheek). But to hear these academics and professionals bleat on every week 'there aren't enough women in management/medicine/Nobel Prizes' or whatever the area that week is is sheer sour grapes. Of course I'm not saying there isn't any discrimination, but besides being illegal would account for so few either lack of women or black people having as many top jobs as white men as to be insignificant.

It is basically a sign of immaturity and a lack of worldliness which blames others for our lack of success in any way. It's no different really to a Jewish person like me claiming I didn't get a job because I was Jewish, even though I no longer have a Jewish name and even if they met me very few could even tell. But that hasn't stopped some Jewish people I know saying they were treated badly simply because they were Jewish although it was physically impossible to know. That adds an element of paranoia to the others, and between them cover virtually all accusations of bias, as if any woman goes to college and passes the exams they will become equal to everyone else with those exams, and only if they believe they will not will be at a disadvantage through their negative attitude, which then automatically puts them on the defensive, alienates people and then blames others for their lack of success.

Any self help manual will tell you the same things, do your best and the world will respond. And success does not discriminate, only your imagination is required to do that.

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