Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Diversity? wtf!

Until a few years ago diversity had a standard meaning and was then hijacked as the newspeak of the left to mean wherever you are you need to represent every single element of the society, and if not then make a law to bring them in from wherever you could. The only word which came to mind is why? Social engineering is only present in totalitarian societies. Slavery and actual discrimination is now banned as well, so the law protects everyone, and the rule of law means each applies to everyone equally.

Isn't that enough?

Apparently for the left, not at all. I won't even try and understand diversity from their side, as trying to view the world as a paranoiac, criminal or psychopath only tends to send you over that way and even if you can learn their strange ways doesn't mean you can do anything about it. Society should be organic and change naturally, and I see no merit or relevance in making sure your company represents society as a whole for the area, especially as that would also mean Indian shops and restaurants employing a representative number of black and white people as well as Asian. And housing and education and basically every aspect of society is meant to be diverse, so much so a spokesman for the left stated last year after a visit to Newcastle it was something like 'Aggressively White'. Excuse me, before the 60s every bloody place in Britain was 'Aggressively White', just as Peking (I prefer the names we can actually pronounce and spell so will continue to use them) is still 'Aggressively Chinese' and Lagos is 'Aggressively Black'. Of course, if you condemn a national area for actually having the dominant local race dominating it must apply universally.

To stray into their psychology just for a moment, all I can imagine is through the white man's guilt, these bedwetters feel so bad for the British Empire which was carried out two generations before most of them were born, they feel some deep-seated compulsion to make up for it (despite it civilising many savage societies who killed women and attacked innocent people in organised crime throughout their history, as well as India having probably the worst class system in world history) so do their best to destroy any success they see coming from what they see as an immoral gain at the expense of the coloured (I love using these words we'll soon be prosecuted for mentioning, but I do not mean 'black' but every other colour which is not white, so believe I am being totally accurate). Such motivations are entirely negative, so coming from a negative point of view, all following acts and results can only be negative. Base a theory on a false and destructive premise and you will create false and destructive policies. Force three different races to live and work together, and at best they'll avoid each other (my old college canteen had black and Asian tables as that was what they created themselves, and very few others would venture onto them) and at worst rip each other apart. When I was teaching it was a total mixture of races and religions, and the one thing guaranteed was they would take the mickey out of whichever races weren't there. And you tell a Chinese parent their daughter is going out with a black man, it's almost like lighting a firework.

So my entire point is diversity is a meaningless and irrelevant concept, the only guaranteed result is to destroy any society it is operated in. And in Britain much is now operated by law, and just below the law you try filling in a job application form and then having an interview in the public sector if you haven't learnt diversity policy inside out. You can be the best worker available and an absolute genius but if you can't answer their trick questions over what you should do if someone catches their turban in the lift or calls the office cat a Paki then the job you will not get. And if you refer to someone with cerebral palsy as a 'spastic' they'll stop you working for the state for the rest of your life, even if you're a doctor interviewing for a medical position, and quoting the textbooks (a spastic is a medical term however much the left have tried to wipe it from the dictionaries). It also assumes there is something extremely bad with a country which was originally white (they haven't applied it to any others, much to my own confusion, as if diversity is essential for US then it is essential for EVERYONE). This is dangerous, and only the other side of racial purity. Any ideological concept based purely on a political opinion and bearing no relation to reality is equally dangerous, and leads to the same totalitarian actions against the perceived enemy, followed by the vigilantism and divide and rule by getting neighbours to report others for crimes against diversity, just like reporting hidden Jews to the Nazis. There is absolutely no difference in reporting the Jews as reporting the employers who don't have anyone in a wheelchair, even if they are a professional football team.

As most people know, diversity is the second ugly sister of multiculturalism, the view all cultures are equal even if they maim and kill children and cover women in black sheets from head to toe. There is no right or wrong for the left, as long as it's another race or religion doing it. And no, they needn't be a minority as they will defend to the hilt whatever dire acts, normally considered serious crimes if carried out by the white natives, wherever they are carried out including their own original countries. That allows female genital mutilation, aborting girls and banning women from going to school as long as it's 'part of their culture', and they will fight for the death to allow polygamy and forced marriage when they live here as well. That is pretty well the essence of diversity, they want a thorough mixture of every possible element of the world right here and when completed presumably everywhere else. Returning to the mental motivations of these proponents, who currently appear to be the majority in Britain and only absent from a section of the Tory back benches and bishops, why anyone would genuinely want to debase a society once the greatest on the planet (in not just my opinion but millions of immigrants who stow away across many countries to get here every single day) which they also have to live in is a mystery to me, and attempting to understand it is not just impossible as it is not rational, but would send anyone that way as well, so don't even try it.

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