Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's official, the Jews have top status

I have proved the Jews have the highest status in the world. While Europeans have invaded entire continents for hundreds of years and slaughtered the natives, when the UN gave Israel to the Jews by legal charter, anything they do against the Arabs who attack and slander them is held up to the closest scrutiny and criticism, often to the level of questioning the country's entire existence.

This only demonstrates one thing, non-Jews hold the Jews in the highest esteem as they expect perfect standards from them while little or nothing from everyone else as currently countries like Tibet and Cyprus, occupied or annexed by hostile forces, including religious persecution and genocide in Tibet are largely overlooked but when one innocent bystander is hit by accident, or even known terrorist is killed by Israel the world is up in arms, as the Jews are not expected to do anything wrong at all but be perfect. So really we should take this attitude as a compliment.

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