Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The problem, what is the solution?

While I'm here (I was going to watch TV but called the radio and want to see if anyone responds) I'll expand on yesterday's report on no news. Greece did not default, France and Italy elected apparent nutjobs, and Cyprus will get bailed out as they all do and everything will carry on as it has since day one. My own life is by far more important, but when these sods tread on my toes at the same time, and many others, I like to see the causes end. The EU has made us piss poor by reducing our access to energy, and will soon be without power altogether like some dipshit backward hellhole in Africa. Many of them are rich with natural resources as well, but the authorities rip them off at source, and now we're following them. So of course any chance the system is cleaned up would be good news, but it doesn't happen.

Instead every move made to attempt to escape is blocked by the prison guards at every point, and as the masses (read 'voting majority') are so thick they don't knit together cause and effect and keep voting the same ways. Labour here have a massive lead in the opinion polls, even though they caused nearly all the problems we have now and are going to take two governments or so to clear up assuming we get ones prepared to do it. If you spray a country with shit and then give the new staff toothbrushes then you can work out how long it needs to clean it all up. And without being ostracised by the rest of the world we can't send back the few million immigrants they let in during that period either who are the equivalent of carrying tons of dead wood on a truck. Or parasites. So we don't just have to get out of the situation we were in, but cater for millions of third world arrivals many who don't speak English, have full access to benefits, have a few times as many children as Europeans, and are basically the equivalent of a family with a disabled child. The care and attention needed 9and offered to) the third world immigrants means all the other children barely get any at all. That is not fair and just wrong.

So each news item offering a possible way out is journalistic invention, based on taking a tiny possibility, like an ejaculation into a cervix, and naming the baby already. Then you realise the sperm didn't even fertilise the egg, but the papers have been sold, the people have been misled, and the journalists are onto the next false dawn when there isn't much real news to report instead. The Cypriot affair crossed this line even further as it took three entire days to discover the money hadn't been agreed to be taken in the first place. None of the many reports I heard said it hadn't been decided yet, they said the money was due on the 19th and then maybe they'd haggle over the percentages. The day before a new report said Cyprus were set to reject it, revealing it had never been decided in the first place. Coming the exact day Britain brought in approval for statutory regulation of the press, that event would not be covered as it is designed to protect celebrities and not the actual consumers of said newspapers. How sad.

Most people don't notice much going on around them outside their own lives, which is how all this nonsense happens in the first place. Some know a bit, but when it's offered on the radio by callers like myself, most react with disbelief rather than shock, as no one can accept their betters are actually out for themselves and some are even out to get us deliberately (read the literature on economic de-development or managed population reduction for example). That is the reality, sociopaths are suffering from a permanent untreatable personality disorder documented in medical circles, and they are allowed to vote and run countries as it's not a disqualification, despite the fact any doctor can diagnose it with a simple test. Now Chris Huhne only lost his perch as he broke a very trivial law which even your connections can't get you out of answering to. The actual harm he caused as a government minister will never be documented although his aims and partial completion of policies (as a junior partner in the coalition) demonstrate aims to take a once flourishing country and turn it into a wasteland. Julia Gillard however is accused of far greater than driving offences, and with more and more details coming out she has about six separate charges of being involved with money laundering, and would need to come out clean on every single one or will actually be impossible not to have been involved. People regularly try and shut me down talking about the climate as I'm not qualified (unlike the authors I quote rarely if ever mentioned in the media) but for new readers I am qualified in law far enough to know a good case when I see one (and a bad one, hence my involvement in the climate). Of course I haven't heard any more of her case than 'It wasn't me', 'I wasn't there' and 'It was my clerk'. Except those are almost certainly exactly the defences she's given to the police as well (or will when she has to).

As a lawyer herself she knows she doesn't have to defend herself. As long as she denies all involvement they have to prove a case against her, which really won't matter what she says if it's good enough anyway. So basically as it's only an alibi which can get someone off as a defence besides specific ones like insanity (possible), otherwise you just have to hope the links don't get connected and you can scare or pay off the key witnesses (I'm sticking my neck out but would be far more surprised if she and others like her won't). In Britain witness immunity is the exception rather than the rule, but although it's not The States, who run on scratching backs, it's not Britain either and if one of the couple of confessed fraudsters (making a confirmed conspiracy already) is offered a deal she'd go down. Assuming she was involved of course, don't accuse me of 'Doing a Cyprus' (the new term I'll coin right now for reporters going off prematurely and coming all over their trousers).

So regardless of the state or otherwise of my personal life all these events make it less good than it would have been otherwise- I'd have more money, a faster car, real light bulbs, and be able to drive relatively clear roads at a speed relevant to the conditions and not reduced to something required for MOT failures in case they fall apart any faster. I'd also have to wait less time for a doctor and dentist, and be able to walk around locally and when I see a white person (not being racist, just observing what is there) would hear them actually speak English sometimes. These decisions do affect our lives, and if you imagine each element being different then that is the actual policy they are operating which would be better otherwise. Most is entirely avoidable, or looking the other way entirely deliberate, as with huge swathes of Spain and Ireland full of empty new houses while we have 10 poles and illegal Romanians sleeping in a room as there's nowhere else to put them, plus the thousands on the streets not working who can't afford anywhere at all.

All of this is avoidable, we don't have to let a single new immigrant in if we don't want to, and kick out the illegals the same day when we find them just like Australia and New Zealand do every day on Passport Patrol. Fuel taxes are immoral, as are low interest rates, and this is about the greatest good for the greatest people. Twice as many people lose from low rates than proper market rates, and while most existing residents suffer for the benefit of a few million new arrivals then immigration isn't good for most either bearing in mind the lack of space for them, let alone even if there was you can't get in new doctors and teachers to keep up with them, if at all. Britain does represent much of the western world to some extent, as policies aren't just very similar between our main parties, but now across the countries themselves as they are all set at Bilderberg and similar meetings. But each country has a non-Bilderberg party, but people don't know enough to vote them in, which brings me back to the start.

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