Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ed Miliband, guilty as charged

I have been told I am too hard on Ed Miliband, so must defend myself.

1) He is an advocate on tough action on global warming, to the extent of putting it into the most severe law on the planet.

2) Then, after causing the problem he claims will avoid worse problems around 2100 when no one will ever know if it worked, he want a cap on the same energy bills he made as high as they are.

3) Every single coalition speech and policy is responded to in the identical way, in the vein of 'You're stupid and you smell, I can piss higher than you without even holding it!'. That is his limit.

4) In an interview with Ann Robinson on Watchdog he was twice asked about what about green taxes in reducing energy prices and he answered something totally different as he couldn't answer it honestly.

5) He and his shadow chancellor said the coalition cuts were 'Too deep and too fast', and when finally cornered on his alternative budget admitted he would not spend any more than the coalition are currently.

6) He spent days getting David Cameron to bring in extra clauses prior to invading Syria, and then after being reminded a vote for invasion would lose him the next election voted against it anyway despite personally already saying he wanted to.

7) If he actually manages to freeze energy prices for 20 months the industry will just adjust them to return the lost profits before and after as no short term action is able to alter the actual market overall.

Meanwhile here are his list of major policies on arrival in office. Truly stunning, aren't they:

  • 50p tax rate made permanent
  • New financial transaction tax
  • Five year plan to remodel the economy by creating a broader industrial base
  • Mutualise Northern Rock
  • Narrow the gap between rich and poor by putting limits on top salaries
  • Graduate tax to enable tuition fees to be scrapped
  • Living wage; right to request flexible working for all workers
  • A third to half of shadow cabinet to be women
  • Against ID cards 
My responses:
  • You cannot tie the hands of future legislators, fail.
  • EU policy already
  • Five year plan? Where did he get that from, USSR? Theirs didn't work though.
  • That'll make a lot of difference without mutualising and reforming the rest of the banking system will it?
  • That's called socialism.
  • It would have the identical result as graduates don't pay up front now, only when they are earning enough, ie it is the same as it was already.
  • The random good idea present in all totalitarian regimes
  • More social engineering and positive discrimination, which is discrimination with a qualifier in front of it.
  • We don't have ID cards anyway?? 
If this is the best positive material he can offer we have nothing at all to gain from his official manifesto, let alone the total magnification of existing atrocities currently present and causing widespread suffering.

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