Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ed Miliband represents the world

I am wondering, if like the bright yellow head of a boil represents the epicentre of the infection, Ed Miliband represents the epicentre of the infection which is called 21st century left wing politics. He has a single modus operandi, called 'sabotage'. Listen to every single reply to what the government do. 'Look at the coalition, they've pooed in their pants'. 'My granny could run faster than you' etc. That is his limit and he is incapable of doing better. Of course his recent performance at the conference did nothing to alter this case of arrested capability as someone else wrote it all but he is still the same dangerous bug creeping around ready to infect Britain with an even stronger strain of the 21st century left wing virus than it has already. His sole accidental action which may have averted something probably better not to have happened was entirely on a dishonest personal cause, ie an insider claimed after fully accepting every single condition required to invade Syria he voted against it purely as Jeremy Corbyn (that great friend of everyone and everything Jewish, if by being a friend you mean someone like Saddam Hussein) quietly pointed out if he votes with the coalition he'd never win the election. So by pure chance his own personal ambition averted the biggest potential war in my lifetime.

On the minus side his innate incontinence meant soon afterwards he soiled himself and the carpet by promising a 20 month freeze on energy prices which were only so high because of a law he wrote personally while he was the relevant minister. I genuinely don't believe he could ever actually win an election, but neither do his party so would take a miracle if he's still there when it arrives. On the wider scale I can sort every top politician through experience into the thumbs up or down boxes, and then into individual categories. Ed is actually quite similar to Obama in practice albeit minus the presentation skills which placed Obama at the top of the official pile. Both are empty vessels, while Miliband does appear to be working for himself rather than higher authorities such as David Rockefeller and George Soros, he is an academic socialist in the mould of his father, who has gone the step further to make the changes directly rather than stir up others. But while both their motivations are different their results will be almost identical. They are both totally ruthless, and use every single means within their positions to get exactly what they want, either executive orders or in the British case simply fixing the political market where whichever of the big three parties you vote for they offer the same policies anyway. The Tories moderate the sharpest edges, lobbying to reduce green taxes (with no success as they are in a coalition not working alone) but have done something unheard of under Labour when in power (although they said they'd do it when not) of freezing petrol duty Labour created as the fuel escalator, which does exactly what it says. This tinkering around the margins is as far as it gets in Europe as the EU make the big rules and we just do the equivalent of a local council with the remainder.

Of course like any illusion knowledge is the only solution, which is why I write these. I have had two people say they've learnt from me now after maybe five years at it, which proves it is possible, and know if twenty people read this in a year which is about the average it will be there until BlogSpot take it down and only needs one person with the means to spread it further or actually do something with it to win the war. Like any professional you don't use false modesty when selling yourself or no one will think you can do what you can. I put together the big picture a couple of years ago so now see where every new and old action fits in and how it affects those involved. Obama's debt is a good example. He has roughly doubled the US debt in his five years or so in place, not being American I don't know why he needed it all and what he's spent it on, but he's pretty much done the equivalent of marrying a gold digger and having all your assets stolen or spent by them. He is the Anna Nicole Smith of presidents, hook up with a billionaire and milk as much as you can for your friends and family. Of course there's little evidence she actually did that but I specifically chose to name her as she's dead so can't be defamed. Logical captain. Anyway, whether he spent it on biscuits or weaponry (probably some of both) it's gone, kaput, and not just removed many trillions from the best economy in the world, but saddling them with an open vein for decades at least to tap the economy outside in the future. Imagine buying a house where the debts attach not to the individual but the address (something I heard happens in the odd third world country) and you aren't even allowed to do a check but buy it as a blind auction. The location of America is now a bad property as anyone there is now liable for about $23 trillion and if the interest rates ever go up (which is probably impossible) imagine the effect multiplied at that level.

Keynesian economics is the foundation of economic cancer. The wasting disease, that which diverts all nourishment to the tumour ahead of the body, so the body continues to waste until either the tumour is removed or the body dies. Having your currency debased is still treason as when governments worldwide brought in quantitative easing they quite accurately realise there was no way to prosecute the government for anything so didn't repeal that part of the law. So technically Britain and the USA can both be liable for a treason suit for deliberately reducing the value of their currencies by a policy which increases the cash in the economy without a corresponding increase in capital value (eg the gold standard which made such tricks impossible). The second world war was partly created by quantitative easing, as Germany did it so effectively they got their inflation suddenly in one huge bunch, much like modern day Zimbabwe. Ours is a slower process, but if you insist on sharing the loaf in thinner and thinner slices eventually the people will starve. Janet Yellen is the latest piece in this equation, as is Mark Carney, the respective new leaders of the national banks (except both are private companies). Both have pretty much guaranteed QE will not be tapered and interest rates will remain almost zero as long as people vote the same lots in who will allow it to continue. As a result the prices have all gone up while the wages have not, making the price to earnings average ratio fall closer and closer to basket cases like China (it's growing but it was in the gutter to start with so now on the pavement, which isn't a lot better when you think what lands on that) whose average personal income is still about a seventh of ours. We are heading down with these deliberately genocidal policies while theirs is heading up as among other things (despite the appalling working conditions) they are manufacturing things and using cheap coal power.

Bottom line, if you want to rip the guts out of a successful country but do it so slowly hardly anyone notices till it's finished and you're down the road, out of sight and beyond their reach, that's how to do it. Obama has and still is, while Miliband would if he could but he won't get the chance. But the tragic thing is someone else will instead.

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