Friday, October 11, 2013

Keeping up to date

Nothing new to teach this month so far, but I do surprise myself sometimes how much material I have put together over 40 years which has now all come together to form a complete picture. Besides spread it as far and wide as I can I can't make people listen or learn but two people I know recently told me I have taught them so will carry on.

Otherwise I am back on the spiritual path, and quantum physics explains it better than any other theory, and means we can tune our brains to extend their spectrum in all senses as there's a lot more there beyond what we currently see, ultimately possible immortality. That's what every teacher says, and all we can do is any exercises we can learn, keep doing them and wait till the third eye or any other door opens. Of course without any results we'd all give up, and I haven't so clearly had a few clues when it cracks open for a few minutes and then slams shut again. But as I've managed a little I know if there's a way to hold that door open the next time I will, and then will be able to see whatever's on the other side and realise we're never alone as all the other life around us will become visible and possibly able to communicate.

Most people I speak to say life is perfectly OK as it is and have no need for more. I stopped finding that many years ago and been looking for it ever since. The next rule is to assume anything's possible, and as I certainly know a couple of things other people say are not possible are then clearly the things others claim which look crazy to me may not be. So I will test each one, and if genuine would add to the totality of life rather than be a diversion from it.

Otherwise the world has changed very little, I expect less and less and see that as a gradual detachment from what can affect me but shouldn't. The last and worst imaginable result would be the rest of my life no different to now (or even worse) in every way. That would be a waste, knowing there could be more and missing it all. I already know the physical things I'm missing and have no way of getting them directly, and have as much or more chance of working for the others. And with them you've got nothing to lose by trying so can always do that whatever else is happening.

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