Saturday, January 18, 2014

Global warming, the predicted armageddon

I realised recently that rather than begin with the bible and apply it to all of life, which requires faith and religion, I see real life events and then notice the bible was either correct in general principles or specific predictions. The ultimate, the final battle between light and dark, good and evil, truth and lies, is upon us right now, as with the entire world in the grip of deadly plans to enslave us all under the fake cause of man made global warming (which the longer you wait refuses to actually happen), they have so far persuaded the percentage of people worldwide it is true as a consensus, rather than of scientists, who nearly all know it's a load of hooey.

I've dealt with the reasons enough times to save repeating them yet again, but the actual phenomenon of the greatest world deal ever, one which attempts in one stroke to wipe out the rights and properties of all but the chosen elite is fulfilled in total agreement with the formula for Armageddon. I won't get bogged down in the detailed theology, you only need to read Revelation 16 and the simple description is there. Taking the elements one by one, the common mark of the devil forced on all the people could arguably be compared with the plans to end cash, replace it with electronic chips, and ultimately implant them in our bodies. Further plans to make wealth obsolete by replacing cash assets with carbon credits lasting a year will complete the enslavement by making it impossible for anyone to amass any capital whatsoever as any credits remaining at the end of the year simply expire. This is free to read online under the UN framework for the future.

Of course as the bible is written as a script with the ending already set, if this is the case we would already know what is going to happen, and of course the truth sits there forever while the fog of lies will blow away sooner or later so has to ultimately prevail as there is nothing there but that.

"The Bible teaching about the Battle of Armageddon is one of tragedy, evil, destruction – but of the ultimate victory of good over evil. It is pictured in the Bible as the final world war which will play out on the earth in the plains of Esdraelon near the city of Megiddo in central Israel (Revelation 16:16). Obviously, there are heavenly elements as well."

Taking these elements you can see the buildup over the last 30 years or so from the initial US and UN briefing to the announcements and presentations by Al Gore to legislation on national and international scales, and while the models produced phenomenal disasters beyond our lifetimes, as time passed those models became further and further separated from the growing reality of the genuine timeline. The sea level figures were easily the worst example of total fiction, as without the Greenland ice sheet melting and a great enough rise to cause it, the sea level would and does continue to rise pretty much as it did in the 20th century, 7 inches. That was irrelevant, and as you can't easily adjust or hide sea levels as every coastal point can measure it themselves, compare it with others, and always have, the records are far more thorough and complete than any others. Many areas have never risen in over a century while others have fallen, as it fluctuates constantly and requires various averages over a day per location and then all rolled together for the general world figure. They can tell you almost to the cubic inch how much ice must melt to cause an overall foot of sea level rise, and the temperature required to do so. I don't have these to hand, but the evidence speaks for itself. If the sea level isn't rising more than usual (ie 7 inches a century or therabouts) then it isn't much warmer, however much they adjust the graphs to look as if it was.

This is the uncovered truth. The sea remains where it is, continental drift and subduction mean as some land rises, others fall, and ones near sea level which are falling (most places are always doing one or the other at some degree) appear to be sinking, not because the sea is rising but the land is falling. In 2014 we have now seen each year the temperature does not rise it means the CO2 forcing must be weaker than the natural causes, otherwise it would keep rising whatever else happened unless we were actually entering a full ice age by total coincidence. But unless we are, then the CO2 is not pushing the temperature up very much at all, as it hasn't, and every year it hasn't even longer. That is the unvarnished truth. Whatever local and short term weather events and statistics the leftist papers roll out whenever it's going a bit quiet is no different to people saying a cold winter means there is no global warming, quite rightly so. But when it's warmer, and now colder as well, it's down to global warming according to the promoters of it. They know it's a lie, but most of us don't, as if someone with a PhD in anything (many aren't even scientists on the panel but they still get accepted for every word even if they tell you your parents are killing your children with their carbon footprint) says it is then it must be. No one bothers to check or test these assertions, if the northern hemisphere is getting colder winters it's because the north polar area is warming up. Yes, of course, and I won't come in your mouth either.

But it's only a matter of time. The damage is growing annually, the suffering from rationing heating and raising food prices, and even the damage to vehicle engines from alcohol which attacks metal and corrodes it from within. The next stage of blackouts and energy rationing has been promised by the EU as soon as our CO2 reduction falls below a certain point, as there won't be enough remaining power generation to be constant. Genocide is still genocide however slowly or indirectly it is caused. When more people's elderly relatives die of cold and people have to ditch their cars as they can't afford the modifications more and more governments are requiring, they will firstly realise the 'solution' costs far more than the removal of the 'problem' as why suffer definite hardship right now for a possible warmer planet where energy will cost less as you won't need to burn so much (IPCC report), and then as time passes each year the temperatures is stable then more people will simply drop off the system as they wake up and see nothing's happened so probably won't.

You can't hide nothing forever. They are currently revising temperatures down from 30 years ago in the US to make current flat lines look sloped. But that ice can't melt from adjusted graphs, it needs real warming. So does the sea level. Anyone living by the coast now can go to the coastguard station and probably get a printout of the last few hundred years for it there, and many will have lines on the dock to show the sea level at any point over time. If everyone shares it they will then see without a single satellite or computer program running the local and world sea level is pretty darn stable, meaning without thermal expansion and land ice melt (read 'Greenland' as the Antarctic is -40 degrees below so even Greenpeace can't claim that is going anywhere) it simply can't be warming more than it has for centuries.

Looking ahead maybe 20-30 years, when all but the most committed loonies will have (literally and figuratively) cooled off, it won't just be a quiet retreat and return to normal, but a few great reporters and politicians, such as Jim Inhofe and Ron Paul's descendants, will do all they can to remind everyone who would normally turn round and forget the entire situation, they have been lied to by every single political leader besides about three countries, from the entire UN down to all ruling parties. If so, all trust in our original leaders and methods of leadership will be gone, and a new system based on continual policy making by the people and flexible leadership, ie out as fast as in if they prove inadequate, with no waiting five years or so for the next election so they can keep their filth going for their entire terms.

If this is published and even given a tenth of the publicity of 'An Inconvenient Truth' then everyone will remember the fiasco forever, like the fall of the Roman Empire or the rise of Hitler, and say 'Never Again'.

This is not a prediction or a projection, it is a declaration of reality, the only doubts are the timescale of how many decades it will take of no significant rises in temperature before enough people drop off to allow the system to end and reality not only return but remain as a lesson on a worldwide scale.


rogerhootonof Nuriootpa, south australia said...

The Bible says that GOD causes the weather. So where are the church leaders, all faiths, explainng to us why is God giving us global warming, climate change, extreems of weather around the world and just how can we get God to stop giving us all this very nasty weather. I keep sending letters to the Australian press about it but my letters on that subject do not get printed. I have asked my church ministers, all are very good friends of mine,and all they say is things like 'God has a plan but we don't know what it is' and 'God will tell us in His own time.'

rogerhootonof Nuriootpa, south australia said...

Now NASA and others are saying we ARE heading for another ICE AGE due to the Sun. The next 100 years will bring us a world very much covered in ICE. Oh quick put a tax on Global Cooling and have us burning old socks etc to keep the planet warm.