Saturday, January 11, 2014

Self harm and Munchhausens by proxy

All my life I've been surrounded by what can best be called Champagne socialists, the North London professional elite who would sit around their Norwegian designer dining tables in Kentish Town and Highgate talking about how they could create more equality by taxing the rich. Their misplaced or nebulous senses of guilt, for doing well while still aware of poverty around them, was a motivation for something but they were (and still are) never quite sure what. Some did something positive and joined charities, many back then like the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace attracting thousands of middle class intellectuals from similar places around the world who used the opportunities to return some of what they had to the animals and the third world as a direct way of putting something back, while others got involved in mainly local politics.

The one thing they all had in common was they were always talking about ways to remove other people's money and freedom, while sending their children to public schools (many as their efforts to wipe out the free alternative of grammar schools were a success by the 1970s) and paying accountants to avoid paying as much tax as possible. I am not exaggerating as I grew up with them for many years and was the proverbial fly on the wall watching and listening and taking it all in. It was like a discussion about an execution, with Marx and Lenin being compared in their merits of 'wealth redistribution', akin to offering the choice of an electric chair and a firing squad. But it was always for everyone else, as none ever realised they were the very type of victims they had it in for but at no point ever realised should their policies actually become reality they would be the only type of people to lose, and their actual behaviour proved this was the last thing they actually wanted.

Till fairly recently they were a vocal nuisance, able to block roads and charge people more for driving in local councils, as that was where they all ended up when motivated to put their misanthropic views into practice. Few if any gained power in national politics simply because in a democracy very few people want to see any possible future wealth removed at source. But come the 90s and the theory man's industry itself was going to wreck the planet and must be curbed at all costs and suddenly they woke up. Forget the fact that none of this had (or still has) reached any point of possible danger, and even if it was en route (which it isn't) we couldn't know in our lifetimes so a totally futile effort regardless unless the temperature was actually rising at a rate likely to exceed 2C when they said it would (which it didn't). But the proposed 'solutions', which involved a major redistribution of wealth from large companies and allegedly to the third world, meaning a vast reduction in industry in the west was the divine intervention they could never have imagined possible. Now without a single political campaign, all they needed were a group of top scientists and politicians to create a problem whose solution was pretty well exactly what they had been plotting for generations, and now regardless of the reasons they all jumped on the bandwagon, ie not because they believed (or even understood) any of the science (how could they, it's got more holes than a Berlin brothel) but because it offered a major world form of the collectivist dream they had been promoting by pure chance.

Therefore we now have a political movement, which uses science to justify what would normally be considered totalitarian policies. Banning cars (as planned by the EU), travel restrictions such as flying tax, enforced carbon credits, removing a sum from every energy user allegedly for green projects home and abroad, and basically more and more grotesque versions of communism and Stalinism as the policies grow and mature, bringing more and more support from The Guardian and its readers. But bringing us back down to earth, science is no more political than shoving the same thermometers up your arse and then suggesting the weekly results mean you should be taxed more, and only right wing oil barons would ever support a rising temperature. Yes, it's madness, nothing else. Had they not already had such views they would have seen the vague and varying nature of the case for global warming just like everyone else not afflicted with socialism has who has spent any time looking into it. So they accuse us of being right wing, while in  fact everyone who is not left wing simply hasn't got any dirt in their eyes which stops them from looking at the policies without the science which drives them.So basically they jumped straight to the solution and were so enamoured and intoxicated by the first mass imposition of collectivist restrictions on the first world they had to support the cause otherwise the solution could never be continued.

That, then is the formula. It seemed on the surface as self harm, as nothing they support helps them, but being hypocrites who will no doubt turn sides when the taxes affect them enough, as if they can't aford their own holidays and gas bills they'll soon go off the idea and start finding the same faults in the science (it really should be called something else as it is anti-science), so is technically inadvertent self harm but actually Munchausen's by proxy as they are inventing the illness in others and treating them with the painful and harmful chemotherapy, which nearly always kills the subject before the actual illness (yes, look it up). So the reason has been totally leapfrogged and the solution alone adopted by the left en masse as it was what they always wanted to do anyway, so despite not even usually knowing the figures, simply parrot the memes such as 97% and big oil I see nearly every day as they haven't a clue really. This is the most dangerous combination we have ever seen in the world, as it unites every single lunatic and megalomaniac worldwide and handed them power to do exactly what they all dreamed of but was always dismissed till now. The scientists however are trained so know perfectly well if you dream up an experiment which won't be possible to complete, even if they won the bet in another dimension of time they are taking the piss. So it is totally understandable how nearly all left wingers suddenly think they are scientists and repeating every word Al Gore and James Hansen said not because they understand or even care about global warming, but it's given them the power they always wanted.


rogerhootonof Nuriootpa, south australia said...

Excellent blog. I have never known a poor labour (socialist) politician either in the UK or Australia. All develope in to rich people who have the "do as I say but not what I do" attitude. Likewaise many of the top trade union leaders, think of Scargill etc during the 1950's 60's, 70's and 80's and perhaps today. Look at those countries whioch have socialist polices. especially in Africa, South America, Chine, Russia and that kingdom of socialism North Korea. the leaders, the administrators are all living in wealthy houses and have billions of $s in the banks and are very corrupt.

David said...

Thanks Roger. I have identified a very childish streak in those involved, who find it impossible to accept other people can do so much better than everyone else without cheating somehow, and taking it from then. If it was from the poor it would be bad enough, as they'd still let someone else do the work than do what it takes themselves, but when idiots who have far more than me genuinely believe other people with far less than they do have too much and spend half their lives devising ways to remove it we are truly buggered.