Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Seeing the big picture part 2

Following my first entry about seeing the big picture, I can explain some more, and simplify the system I discovered and hopefully allow everyone reading to understand the mechanism clearly. There are two elements to this, firstly the political machine which I discovered to be working like a well organised Mafia, and since then can see who is part of it and what policies are related to it and how each one fits in. The second is the general one of philosophy itself, with not a single lesson in philosophy beyond being an observer of life. We all have the same tools to observe right and wrong, and separate facts from opinions. The second can simply be learnt by training and practice, the first tends to be more innate and a reaction of the heart or intuition to what goes on outside you.

Paper qualifications are more useful for the readers than the writers, as they do not affect the legitimacy or otherwise of the observations, and technically the material would be far better offered anonymously to avoid unnecessary focus on the messenger. No one has the monopoly on common sense, anyone capable can become qualified in a specific subject but however much they may know about it does not automatically give them awareness over either the outside areas or how their own field fits in with them. But because of their achieved status many people simply assume because they are experts in their field and may have doctorates they know or understand more than everyone else, which is the first illusion and error. Anyone suitably equipped is able to see such issues,  qualifications may give insight into specific areas and give the opportunity to see more, but besides the mental discipline required to complete a degree which means a minimum level of ability has been shown, they are not at all required to see the big picture. It is more like IQ, anyone can be tested and find out straight away what their overall capabilities are. Intuition goes above direct knowledge, as it is knowing something before you have the evidence, and may or may not ever discover enough to actually prove what you know to others. I won't try and go into the mechanism it works as that has troubled researchers since the dawn of time, but its presence is recorded in all spiritual teachings and I have enough direct experience of it myself to accept it.

I find the best way my own intuition works is answering questions and responding to news incidents. I can then put it down to basic principles, the main ones being the simple golden rule, of treating others the way you would be wanted to be treated, and secondly never stopping anyone doing anything that doesn't harm other people just because you don't like it. No one has the right to enforce their opinions on others but laws are still made which do that as society has not seen this principle to be as important as the first. My own discretion allows me somehow to assess most of these events in relation to these two principles, so it is very simple and basic, and anyone who questions them tends to primarily have an emotional reason to fear or object to any action or decision simply because it offends them in some way. There is also the element of deciding on a lack of information, so creating a belief system based on no more than inadequate evidence and filling in the spaces with assumptions, and then treating the entire picture as as genuine as all others. Once someone is affected with the disease of assumption, their reality takes on superstition as if genuine, and if powerful enough will then convince an entire group following them it is based on their trust alone and biased presentation of the few pieces of information they have used to jump to their conclusions.

 In relation to the previous entry, one feature of the big picture politics wise is cheating. The world is becoming dominated by a system just the same as the Mafia. The evidence is clear, direct and overwhelming, once you are aware of who has done what everything before and since fits in nicely, and the original sense things were not right became confirmed, especially when some of the top operators openly boast about doing so. The minority in power have none as they are outvoted nearly every time by the big guys, just allowing the odd concession and also throwing a curve ball every now and then to give the impression they aren't doing whatever they are. All they do then is give with one hand and take away with another, spending a pound to save 75p and knowing most people won't notice. When they just reduced green taxes they didn't really, all they did was take a little off energy bills and pay it through the treasury. As it goes the EU wouldn't allow them to reduce any green taxes as it's not their place to do so.

So politically the big picture is based on organised deception, allowed only because most people trust them and can't figure out what they're doing as all they see are random pieces and don't know they all fit together in a big jigsaw. Put them in a whole and it says 'You've been had'. Right now as temperatures plummet every winter and in the south pole they are saying it's because of global warming, and the herds of sheep around the world bleat in unison 'oh yeeeees'. Oh bloody no. Picture a spider's web, as in my climate fraud page, with all the organisations and individuals connected and streams of money flowing from the public around them via wind turbines and carbon credits. Throw in some worse motives trying (for reasons it really isn't worth trying to figure out) to reduce living standards in both the developed and third world, making people freeze to death and starve while their crops are being burnt to provide fuel to the west. And once we discover the geoengineering is taking place then spraying poison in massive quantities into the atmosphere will confirm the very worst of their ambitions.

But back to the main point, there comes a point where things just click. The final example fits into place and it all becomes clear, like solving an equation. The previous events which may not all have made sense are now all part of a known plan and system. Strange events and decisions now mean money and power were changing hands in exchange for contributing to the plans. Like hearing a confession after a crime, all the earlier acts which seemed strange or out of character all make sense casting the light of the present across the past. This is a confession of an entire world system, and once known you can test any and every other event before and since and see how it is part of what is one grand conspiracy. The philosophical grand design is quite different, as it shows how to make the best of life and wipe out such conspiracies at every level, ideally until the world becomes civilised and there are no enemies. No one will judge others for doing things which do not hurt anyone but they don't personally like the idea of. No one will physically hurt others for power or property. No one will try to take what others have worked for because they want it themselves without working for it. And no one in government, business and sport will feel they have to cheat to get where they want without earning it. You can but hope.

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rogerhootonof Nuriootpa, south australia said...

It is great shame on the UK people that your Prime Minister is unable to understand the difference between weather and climate change. I have just read new report that he is blaming the present bad weather, floods and storms, on climate change. Yet your bureau of meteorology is saying that there is NO proof that climate change caused the floods etc and that they are still doing the research as to whether there are any liks but so far have found none. Likewise in the US their weather experts are saying the same thing about the freezing conditions and snow over there. Meanwhile back here in South Australia at long last summer has arrived and we are now having our normal January weather of 42C for a few weeks. Hooray.