Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Being an intuitive

Here is my experience of what is now 55 years of knowing my intuition and being able to both recognise it for what it is, and apply it. This is described as what you know without having had any direct experience, and what you feel accurately without any direct evidence. Often time will provide that evidence after the time, but unless some others share your specific intuition it is hard or almost impossible to convey your certain knowledge and awareness to others as they are trained to expect solid evidence and according to science intuition does not even exist. But you have it as well, but unless you have also reached the point I have of realising it is a higher level of knowledge than physical then you would have seen it and dismissed it as either coincidence or picking up subtle clues. Both of those happen as well, but are not connected with that.

Some things feel wrong. A cat or dog runs out of a room when someone walks in. They don't have the level of thinking to question their intuition, we do, so when it grows we push it down. If you follow and accept it then it will grow and become reliable, and without needing the acceptance of others can apply it to protect yourself and avoid all sorts of trouble simply by feeling what is wrong. Then public issues all have their place on the feeling scale. Many on the left use the word 'bigoted' or 'prejudiced' to describe the feelings when maybe confronted by a group of black youths in the street at night, or trying to interact with a man who is dressed as a woman. Each provides a conflict of feelings between positive feelings for our fellow men and fear or confusion. Animals cannot be bigoted or prejudiced, so it is impossible to blame them personally for their reactions, but as people can then they cover all our intuitive feelings with the blanket of disapproval when it goes against their personal beliefs.

That further serves to quash our natural abilities. After all, isn't it bad enough to rely on feelings over evidence, but to further demonise people not like ourselves is surely almost criminal? Such accusations have shut down even more of people's natural abilities, as when they feel certain individuals or groups have bad vibes they are then told they are breaking race relations law. Even when they are later proved to be right.

Forget the science. They know what they know, and they can't explain gravity or find dark matter so they are not the place to go for your approval. You are. I use the name satguru online, because it means you are the true teacher. Other people tell you three things and you are the only one who can decide which is right. Using partly your intuition. Find it, test it and trust it. And then insulate yourself from the naysayers and destroyers who will do all they can to dismantle your abilities. Let them look after their own lives, you have your known abilities and anything others do to close them down is only a test to strengthen them. Maybe if you feel something about them or something they know then when you've told them and proved correct you may convert a disbeliever to the light. In the end intuition is here either way and all you do by denying its existence or trying to shut it down won't mean it isn't there, it will only allow others to exploit you.

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

You are an incredible writer, sir! A true philosopher.