Friday, February 27, 2015

Explaining everything

Although I'm not enlightened I have been investigating it for a long time and just about got the picture. It then extends to the source of enlightenment, as it actually means your original consciousness extends beyond that you were born with, and you become aware of an infinite single mind and intelligent energy field, no doubt the source of the god of all religions. The difference being for me that after so many different teachers who are enlightened most seem to have problems communicating it, some stick to very narrow formulas while others say whatever it is you can do nothing to make it happen so why bother. Some teaching eh?

So I thought I'd explain my current position and explain it firstly to myself, to collect together all the pieces I have decided are probably more likely than others, as they certainly don't agree and some at least say it is differently expressed in each individual. But my search goes beyond the individual enlightenment and the currently invisible world beyond our present knowledge, something science has no perception of until they began learning quantum effects, and may eventually work out as we're all made up of it then everything they find there- bilocation, nonlocality etc has to apply to us all. And guess what controls it? Nothing more than your conscious focussed intention. Nothing more is needed, literally the word.

It is fairly easy to visualise the basics. If there is an infinite dimension holding our known solid limited 3D universe, then anyone there can see down to here, and many can cross over. They already know all of this, and for them it's their normal. I would never investigate anything unless there was enough evidence to keep looking. It's rare, but the door opens every so often and it's clearly at least one level above this and implies the others as well. I've seen auras and energy often enough to know they're there the whole time but unless we get a little boost from somewhere we can't normally tune in that high. But bees can see different light spectra and dogs can hear far more sounds, so technically there's a large range which we already know exists we are normally incapable of being aware of but can be with practice.

Then the next level is the collective intelligence, which explains telepathy, including in dreams and picking up all sorts of technical and unknown information directly which later turns out to be correct. I've already written about it in its form of intuition, and would explain it as being because there is only one collective source of knowledge and awareness, and we tap into it at times so know things we haven't learnt directly or experienced. Such evidence is endless, I have been doing it since I was taught nearly 25 years ago, and is a very basic human natural ability. We simply tune in like a TV and pick up whatever's in the energy of who or what we tune into. The next level of this is our non-physical senses. Science can't even dismiss these, as when people have had out of body experiences many report exactly what's happening either around their body when clinically dead, or elsewhere when alive. The ability to maintain a complete set of senses with no connection to the physical body pretty well means we must have two sets of senses, the physical ones which get lost when the organs are damaged, and the energy ones which are clearly not contained in any organs or other physical locations but directly connected with our awareness.

The bottom line is the open mind, where you believe anything is possible (as how many times have you or mankind in total believed they knew it all and the got a surprise), leading to the ultimate position everything's possible. If you can dream it or imagine it then once you've left known 3D physics then once you drop some limits you may as well drop them all. Science can see the effects of gravity and dark matter but can't find them, ditto with other dimensions. Ten and a hundred years ago they'd have said many things we now know are real they can measure were impossible. They can only see to the horizon at the end of their nose, and sceptics are genuine, closed minds are the opposite end of gullibility as they simply accept nothing outside their official view, even when there is repeated evidence.

Miracles are the first example most of us have experienced at some point in our lives, where the odds of science are so unlikely or totally against it that something must have slipped out of place, the commonest being synchronicities, where the same thing or things happen together, either simultaneously or in a sequence making a goal impossible if the whole chain of events had not completed. Once is normal chance, a few times is odd, and regularly can't be down to either as once you get in the energy of synchronicity it tends to take over, and once others around you witness it (to the point it can often be predicted when you hear a new fact or word and say you'll soon hear it again), you then get called by them when it's still happening to them even though some believe it's impossible. How many times does something which breaks your own rules have to happen before you realise it has to be real?

If you then take physics where energy and matter can change into each other, our thoughts and awareness are pure energy, and the bonds between atoms can be broken and changed with energy, and just because a handful of people have ever claimed to be able to influence matter with their minds, and Uri Geller at least seems to have convinced a team at Stanford University he could do it, doesn't mean with either luck of birth of years of training we couldn't all do it. It took me all of a minute to see auras and energy, which was only extending my own visual spectrum, and whether it shuts down rarely to return I now know they're always there and what they look like. I have been given complete pieces of music in dreams, a few with words, as did quite a few professional composers. I am not a composer yet have still heard original music I'd never have thought up otherwise. I've seen designs of houses and furniture way beyond anything we have here as well, and would not have thought any of them up as that is not my area. These are just the edges of infinity, if you extend the few things some of us have already discovered, whether or not we then dismissed it as an anomaly or coincidence, you know it happened. If we extend them to the whole time, then add all the rest you then become more aware of what is really around us, something Aldous Huxley first suggested the brain didn't create but filtered out to make our lives more organised. Drugs would then slow it down to allow in not random junk the brain creates when intoxicated, but organised alternative reality we'd normally miss. Tests in America before it was illegal confirmed LSD did the very same thing when volunteers took a route under the influence, and most saw the same things on it, rather than the random junk we normally get in dreams and normal hallucinations. The same phenomena happen in Robert Monroe's centre for out of body experiences. The amount of corroborated data can't be wrong, and the only reasonable conclusion is all these people's senses have been relaxed to become aware of far more than normal.

The bottom line is what we are aware of is the lowest basic level of infinity. There are ways to extend it, clues pointing us to it, and many personal experiences. Because they are so rare and often dismissed then we assume they can't be part of reality even though if we write it down and stop and think it can't be anything else so means our existing view of reality was wrong. Consciousness is not 'ours' but tapped into, hence the intuition and frequent knowledge and talent in areas we have never experienced or trained in. Of course a few special people are particularly good at this and have gone down as geniuses in history, but they are no different from anyone else, just already where we could all get if we decided to get there. There's also an almost total lack of teaching, I found a few which was enough, so pointed me where the action was so I couldn't dismiss the whole thing as I already had a few rudimentary foundations. Then I found the teachers who claimed to have most or all of it already were often so poor at communicating it (maybe deliberately in some cases as they wanted students to work a lot of it out themselves rather than handing it on a plate), while my natural teaching ability I have now been using in various ways for 30 years was such that whatever little I knew of this could be transferred directly to anyone else as I see the shortcomings in others' methods and teach clearly and directly whatever the subject.

Enlightenment is firstly an awareness of the infinite consciousness directly, and then officially when it comes and stays. But just any awareness of it is so rare once you know it exists then technically you were enlightened the moment it arrived as you can now relate to the memory of it, and probably has gone simply as you rejected it at a conscious or subconscious level. And with it come all the powers one way or another, all the enhanced vision and knowledge, and whatever else with no potential limits. Whether you get the powers or enlightenment first just depends which muscles were stretched the first, so should work either way and grow together as you practice. You do not have to wait till you are dead, near death or on drugs, as all this is not just natural but ostensibly the true nature of everything. Currently a small number of people worldwide are looking for more, find teachers and probably if no more scratch the surface and find just enough to know there is. As each new level is exponentially above the last fewer and fewer people so far get much further along, but that is because of a combination of lack of available teaching (and the time and cost that tends to go with it) and probably the lack of publicity as most mainstream media treat this on the same level as mental illness.

Accepting it's possible is the starting point, look for examples, and see what happens. Try tuning into people's energy and see what comes to you in any of the senses. Learn to meditate, and read about other people's experiences. I believe (based on just enough evidence, never faith) it is out there, and if some is then it's more likely everything is. No limits or restrictions.

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