Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Big Brother 5 experience

Well, having been a fan since day one I'm now an official part of the programme, as in being on it with a housemate. As I went to see who was leaving at the end of last year's series, as I live near Elstree Studios, I discovered they have a party facing the road and I saw all the BB4 housemates through the window.

This year had few people in the party, but apart from 3 who had left, many others were still inside being interviewed. And then Kitten (one of the housemates) came out to speak to our little crowd of people watching over the railings, as she said it was more interesting than the party. I'd actually met my first ever BB member! We asked her to send some more out, and Becki soon followed, and then Jason came outside and we called him over, and finally Dan was being interviewed for TV, and came over and spoke to us, and we were all asked what we thought of the programme, and then Dan and his family were filmed together where we were standing.

Knowing how much material ends up being cut out, I reckoned maybe a 50-50 chance I'd be on, and the cameramen were uncertain when it would be shown as well. I set my video to record the first E4 (satellite only) 10 minute long BB winners week, hoping I'd be seen talking to the camera with Dan, and discovered Jason was being filmed as well! They showed Jason coming to see us, and included a 5 second clip of me when he came and shook my hand. They'd all talked to us, but unfortunately though they showed Jason's side of our conversation they'd cut out the bits where I replied, but that was a very small loss compared to being on Big Brother with a housemate. I have to admit to having dreamt for at least the last 2 series of being part of the programme, so actually being there even for 5 seconds meant I was now one of the many 'plebs' who had been on the programme with the real house participants and presenters.
Which ambition will happen next I wonder?

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