Tuesday, August 17, 2004

more assorted stuff

Good news: My 5 seconds on TV were repeated on Sunday on Channel 4 - proper television! This is the first time my face has been on TV in 30 years, and some people I know saw it, though a couple didn't even catch my fleeting view.

Otherwise, little to report. Still at square one on the dating front, nothing new there, and blitzing the dating sites hoping the next one will have more things we can both talk about. I am also going to use this and other snippets I've written over time to submit to some magazines, as I spend so much time writing already that I ought to get paid for some of it. It's what I've always done, and having been published a number of times on professional and supernatural matters, am now ready to talk about almost anything. I just hope I don't need to find an agent as the last time I tried I was treated like a leper with B.O. , a gun in my hand and plans of Tony Blair's house in my pocket (if anyone's seen the news yesterday). Seems unless these creeps get a blow-job they won't touch anyone with a barge pole unless they've got a title or are related to someone famous. Being a profession that needs no qualifications they've created a set of their own, and I can't qualify on any of them.

If I can think of some more professions and people to slag off next time I think it'll be fun. If you want to suggest anything in particular I'll have a go at them as well.

A picture of me on Big Brother will appear as soon as it's been transferred to disk.

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