Thursday, August 26, 2004

Keep it going

As I have a free period, so to speak (multiple cancellations as per), I thought I'd keep this going regardless of quality. The current aim is actually (as I notice some others do) raise the standard of what I write to a level that hopefully will be able to be used by a magazine somehow. I do already write professional articles, but do so much online that I want to write on anything people want me to. So if I can make a typical day in North London interesting, I may have cracked it.

I've just had a meeting which may define my immediate financial future, I'll have to wait for the decision, but there's a chance I'll lose most of my income as a result. I'll be able to survive for a while, but looks like the need to write for money could be a pressing one now. I'll just have to accept whatever happens as it's totally out of my control.
Otherwise, one more possible from the notorious dating site, my luck is she'll now find this (God knows how, but you can never tell) so I'll just say (honestly) she seems really nice, and I'd be breaking the terms of blogging if I left anything out from it. I'm leaving the site this week as it's outlived its (high) price now, and they would be unlikely to get many new members if I hung on another month and then another. If missie from the last time on the dating site somehow finds this I'll just say 'Cheer up, you seem like life has totally worn you down'. That or she was born like that, who knows? But even on the phone it rubbed off on me, and was even worse in person. That taught me a lesson about tolerance, ie it has its limits! Looks certainly aren't everything.

I have just invested £1 in what looks like a grey intestine that keeps my cables tidy, I remember when they used to cost about £15 in a mail order catalogue, but are now quite easy to get elsewhere. Life's often about the little things, and you can rely on me to tell you about every one of them. Well, until I start getting laid again regularly that is... Any offers?

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