Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Peace and quiet

I'm glad to say I have absolutely nothing special to do beyond the usual this week, at least. I met 7 members of for the first time on Saturday, where I've been a member since February 2000, as soon as I got my computer. It was like meeting old friends and it was exactly as if I'd known them all in person for the same amount of time. Now I hope to make this a regular feature of membership- it was a member who told me about blogspot in the first place, and all I need now is to meet a girlfriend there, which almost happened to me once, and has to others already. The photos will be coming in over the next week so I'll post a few here as well so you can see my friends, some of whom came a very long way.

Otherwise, I am assimilating my data on how to understand women. It's very interesting and logical, though written by a man. I suppose it takes an outsider to explain something new where a woman wouldn't know how to analyse what seems normal (ha ha ha!) to them. My original view that we were two different species was spot on, as apparently women's brains could be further from men's than camels or chimpanzees. This didn't clearly come as much of a surprise to me, as sadly the few women I have met that think more like men nearly always look more like men as well. One actually had an excess of male hormone so I'm not even exaggerating, much...

I have also met someone else with an experience of someone with no regard for other's feelings, and apparently they do all seem to come out of the same box, some of the observations I made of similar people I've come across were incredibly familiar to him, and we're currently mulling over whether theses types can be reformed at all, and if so, how.?

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