Sunday, October 03, 2004

Week's review

No events as such this week, but enough work Wednesday and Thursday to keep me off the computer, and then on Friday the whole affair went down with the mother of all virus attacks, and I'm writing this on the laptop, which I'm lucky I got as I've no idea how long the main machine will be in the repair shop.

Otherwise, I'm gradually meeting new people here, plus have found a large number of Funtrivia members here as well (I have my methods!) which hardly comes as a surprise. My appeal to Clive Bull's programme to see my blog (he did ask for calls on it first), unlike the massive response for my webcam call got me one email. Well, I'm not doing this for fame so I won't mind that much, and sooner or later I'm going to condense down some of my blog's high spots and write an article from them which I'll pass around to see if i can get it published somewhere. Anyone in the UK may have heard of the writer Will Self, whose only qualification for a literary career was going to Cambridge (though only getting a 3rd class degree as he spent most of his time on drugs, as he wrote many times in public, by the way). He was the year below me at school and lived very close by, and I did go there once or twice, and if he can get in all the best papers by writing his own brand of nonsense, then though I only went to North London Polytechnic (though I managed a lower second) why shouldn't I stand a chance?

Finally, my wish to find a girlfriend/partner/wife at the ripe age of 44 seems to have been handed over to the God I don't believe in, as all active attempts (short of speed dating) have ended in failure since early 2002. I now believe the internet is a good new gateway to meeting people (a couple I know have already met across each side of the Atlantic and are now together here and getting married) the main drawback is that very random distance between people who may well fit each other but unlike the couple I know, wouldn't be willing to travel and possibly live half way around the world to do so. The statistics were found that in every 5 mile (I think) radius is someone we can end up marrying, based on people travelling worldwide and marrying people locally wherever they ended up. So that means every 5 miles is at least one person right for us (and even more if you added the married ones!) so it's hardly surprising with so many common-interest groups online we probably meet a few potential partners who never materialise as they're too far away. I've tried a couple in America (one psychotic and one who got cold feet after a week or so) but am convinced that rather than wasting months on conventional dating sites (or years in my case) chasing people whose only qualification is they're single and within 30 miles of you, using blogs and forums where you really get to know people first is the way to go, if we could cover the distance situation. But if any of the women who post on my blog want to come to England to meet me, the red carpet's waiting to be rolled out as I write. I'm no traveller, as I posted earlier, but I know many people would be happy to live abroad for the right person. Come on, who's going to make me the first offer?!

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PKD said...

Nice blog. I wish I were here for its inception so I wouldn't have to catch up so much!