Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Keeping busy again

Before I get into my stuff I just heard the latest unemployment figures on the news. Up of course as you'd expect. Now coinciding with the new blitz on benefit claimants, the government have declared war. Not only have they attacked those least able to defend themselves, the sick and incapable, they have done it when the job market is shrinkig drastically. I don't like revenge but believe if someone has to suffer what they do to others it is more like a lesson, or karma. So if Gordon Brown got kicked out, had a breakdown and then had to do tests written by him to claim benefits he may realise what he's actually done. And he knows what he can do with the 2.5% (temporary) VAT decrease. We are being run by heartless sods of all colours politically and would be far better off without them at all. Except possibly Boris Johnson who is moving towards the decent side. There's always one in every pack thank goodness.

I've been chasing up old road signs over a week now, and got 30 different ones now. A few had gone too soon for me to find them, but got the majority and am now left with a final set in the bloody congestion charge area, meaning I either go at the weekend or pay. If I wait till it gets dark after 7 some may no longer be there so that's not an option. But I've done well but wondering what will come next to keep me busy. And weirdly although I've never been contacted first on Friends Reunited in 8 years I was at the weekend, and guess what, twice in the same day! So no one ever contacted me and then two did together. Usually happens to me and many others, far too organised to be random in my opinion.
So besides a trip to Holborn which would have been easier in the summer when I could go after 6 I have got a great collection of rare signs but little left to do now. Things usually turn up, just now when the one TV programme of the evening finished they had a topic about meeting people online on the radio so I called about that. I hope that trend continues.

I'm still learning all sorts of things about human nature, how easy it is to con the public as most believe whatever they're told, and the nature of the evil who carry out these cons. Patterns are everywhere and people can be sorted into types in all aspects. Youtube demonstrates the polar aspects of this as people have no inhibitions, and unlike here there is no pre-moderation so they can and do hit and run. Like schizophrenics who tell me the same voices tell them the same things all these guys seem to be possessed by the same evil but from an inner source. I am learning to deal with them as well as they are the same people who blow up innocent people in India and Iraq but only do what they think they can get away with. One threw a rock at me once on a station platform and many make rude comments while I'm taking photos. All from the single mould of pure evil. Anyone who remembers the last idiot here in my comments box will have seen an example as well. And that was the tip of the iceberg as you can imagine. Most people wouldn't dream of going up to someone either in public, in their house or online and call them names but here it's easy. The relative few who do it are the same who gassed Jews in concentration camps, broke their windows before the last war, and drive with mobile phones in their hands. Big, small, the crime is the same. It is born of evil and expresses itself in the same way however large the offence. The attitude however is the same.

On balance good is there as well, and animals are nearly all good before you start on humans. A rogue animal is rare and if you treat them well they treat you well. People could learn a lot but I fear some are intrinsically unable to understand other people matter so can never be corrected to learn. They call it levels of psychopathy, and the variation is how far they are prepared to go. But the good people are seemingly unable to cross that barrier whatever happens so you can normally rely on them as you can on your pets. But I'd always be more inclined to lend a cat money than a person if you get my meaning. There are far more shades of grey in humanity though.
So the next few days remain a mystery. One photo trip fucked by financial considerations and darkness. And the traffic is just as bad there as it was before from what the reports say. So I'd have to pay somehow (no idea where or what I have to do) and then suffer the jams I haven't experienced since early 2003. OK I'll be glad when I've done it (besides having run out of places to go) but it would be a lot nicer if I could just do it like all the others.

Well a bit of everything today, a week's activities which took me from Enfield to Banstead. But none a patch on the hassle the Holborn one presents to be. Maybe I am wrong but time will tell.

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