Monday, December 01, 2008

It's Monday again

Besides a slow but steady stream of facts about global warming (there isn't any), nothing much has happened for a while. In fact the whole year has been the year of non events and disappointments. No new media work, most emails ignored and hardly any other work (that is expendable though due to certain legal restrictions). I really see a war between good and evil, or truth and lies in this global warming bullshit. The two sides provide opposite data, but both can't be right. The actual climate is shit as usul and 40,000 people in this country are expected to die this winter from the cold (they don't usually die from heat) this year and they want us to try and stop it getting less cold (like it was actually possible). But the fact the truth has to win as it displaces lies, like CO2 displaces water vapour, means they can't keep it up for ever but they'll bloody well try.

My plans for the week run out after tomorrow. Nothing besides putting stuff in my new (old) desk, finishing the accounts and making more phone calls. It gets too dark for photos around 3 now and will for 6 more weeks so photography may be taken over by daytime TV. Not that there's a lot left to take, a few stations in Tottenham and I can't think of any more. There's a dating group on Facebook I'm working my way through now but no replies so far. And two last resorts to call from my recent past as no one else left. It's a bit like my school library after I'd read all the interesting books and they haven't got any more since the war. Or maybe when I was born. I was also reminded of another older woman I was after a few years ago when I bumped into her friend in a shop, and besides being 100 miles away the whole time now (she had two houses) is still with the man who stopped her getting it on with me although it was pretty obvious she wanted to. One more down the drain as per. She said I should phone her, which will produce absolutely zero but maybe she'll be reminded what she's missing.

Well if a picture tells 100 words here are some of my weekend south of the river:

Ditton Common5

Putney Bridge lines3
Thames Ditton and Putney

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