Friday, December 26, 2008

Updating time

Not here for a while as I've found a new albeit short lived hobby. I hadn't been able to collect train tickets since the last small ones stopped in 1996 and besides taking photos didn't have actual items to collect besides model cars which cost a fortune and take up room. But when I found the pre-1963 signs we still have some of in London had been slowly vanishing recently I realised I had to get pictures of every one I could as the government are the enemy. I've spent the time at home researching locations and of course each lot I get is a bit further away so did 60 miles altogether on Friday for the cause. I think they've run out but each day I find another so far and long may it last.

The two women who called me on Friends Reunited are around, one not since then but the other (married...) is back and really wonder how I get the unattainable ones like her although I am well aware marriage in itself is not always a barrier to availability, but usually is to me. And I have looked at every aspect of my being, appearance and personality, and seen nothing particular that would put everyone off simply as I see many worse do perfectly well, plus I have as well in the past. Partly it may be because I treat women nicely it may put some off as they like men to dominate them, plus it also seems to put any off as soon as I fancy them, and attract ones I wouldn't touch with yours who won't leave me alone. That is what seems to do it, the man who doesn't behave differently when they fancy a woman doesn't exist, it's just they either learn to make it work for them or are so attractive the women take no notice what they actually do as they are just waiting to be swept off to bed. We normal guys get mostly the left overs and left behinds, although some women settle for a normal guy after dating the desirable ones long enough to get the shallowness factor out of their system. I learnt with my first girlfriend if there's nothing to talk about after then it doesn't matter how attractive they are they can't be any more than physical.

So more signs await in the forseeable week, Christmas made no difference to my photography as there was no traffic so took full advantage. I saw the family in the evening so covered both bases. Other than that it's business as usual, still getting screwed or ignored by the people that matter but it's in the background now. People promising what they won't deliver, lying, stealing, you name it. But that's human nature at the bottom of the heap and we just have to live with it. And I just heard (you know who you are) not just the EU is imposing blanket carbon taxes on everyone but so is Australia. You see there are two ways to raise tax. Honestly and dishonestly. So income tax is direct and open and people hate it. So they cut income tax but still need the money so have to think of more and more elaborate ways to get us to both pay it and not vote them out as a result. Collusion wins the day now, with governments and parties agreeing on policies so similar you can't vote against anything as they all offer the same. Secondly is false accounting, saying they need it for something which looks like a good cause (eg the child's operation, the flight to the UK and the gold bars offered by our African brothers). The fact the result is identical, ie robbery, seems to be lost on nearly everyone except the intelligent minority who only have the power of the internet to share the truth.

I'm amazed watching TV and listening to similar personal stories how the African gangs take our money so easily with no questions. They pretend to be women, say they love you and then start asking for money, and people pay it? They deserve to lose it, but the rest of us don't. Taxation is never optional and if Al Gore and the rest of them want to invent a different reason to collect income tax we may fall for then it's a done deal. Our atmosphere can and has coped with ten times the CO2 we have now with no trouble (a few hundred parts per million is not the same as if it had been cyanide) and plants love it unlike carbon monoxide which we are not taxed for. But no, tell the people it's as dangerous as curry farts and they say 'Here's some more then'. They are the same as the ones who donate thousands to Ghanaian gangs and basically trust everyone except the ones who are telling the truth as they are either not in authority or offering them sex (which they never get as they piss off as soon as they collect their cash), and the governments exploit the gullibility to feed them more and more fairy stories and cow cakes while they think they'll be given sainthoods for saving the fucking planet. I hope to goodness the lunatics don't end up taking over the asylum but it's the closest it's ever been. God help those of us who actually care.

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