Thursday, January 06, 2011

2011 plans

The first story is one which is literally a casualty of global warming. Divide and rule is how the totalitarians work, Hitler being the best example. Make some people hate others for an invented reason and it actually works. This guy is a nuclear physicist I've known for 45 years, rediscovered on Facebook and have now been dropped as a friend as I refused to accept his superior knowledge on global warming as I have something else called common sense. That wins every single argument and no PhD or lifetime of published work can beat that. My sociology marks doubled when I realised the ego of the writers made them try and create the impression their theory explained everything. People still do the same in counselling while in fact the insiders will tell you the easiest way to cause harm as a therapist is to stick to one theory regardless. No discretion means no thought. If you simply direct people or make mistakes they will see and walk out most of the time or correct you, but use someone else's work without any discretion and you can't actually adapt to reality.
Now of course this person revealed a hitherto unknown mean streak, which he aimed at every single person who disagreed with him, as of course he knew better. So who lost, him or me?

Otherwise I am mystified about if I'll end up totally alone in the future as I'm not about to revive my dating antics at nearly 51 for a woman who prefers entertainment and gifts to a person. That's not something I was ever that keen on for long, it's the person I like being with and doesn't really bother me where else we go as if you ever manage to live with someone you spend more time in than out and if you don't like being with them then it's not worth getting that far if they get bored with you when you stop taking them dancing and dining etc. No bloody thanks. There must be women around who are fed up with all that as well and just want to settle down directly, maybe that'll be the theme of any advertising as it's one way to deliver the message. I've only met two women successfully from a good few solid years of advertising so not expecting that to deliver much whatever I write to try and improve my chances. Speed dating is a new innovation and if I discover one local rather than in London where not only can I get there but stand a chance of meeting someone nearby that's the other chance. Plus if they had singles bars here things would be a lot easier but the British would do what they did at the discos I went to as a teenager where all the men and women lined up on opposite sides of the room. The organised scene is very small and specialised, and tends to attract a hard core and once you've been a few times realise there are only a small group of people locally who basically go to everything and most are still older than me after 20 years of going to them after graduating from the synagogue discos.

So that's probably the most pressing project this new year, the media takes care of itself and tend to write an article in a few hours without a pause once I get an idea. If even half are published that'll keep building slowly and anything else comes to me from enquiries when someone is making a new programme. I have a couple of other things on the system I won't bother with unless they happen, but quite profitable if they do. I would like to do some sort of lecturing eventually, I do know that I can answer many people's questions and no doubt will discover what I can and can't answer once I begin. I think that needed decades of learning myself and seems to have ripened now so I'd feel capable of handling it. Most people's questions boil down to the same handful of problems which has always limited the amount of thought required as the same things tend to repeat themselves and the answers never change. Currently most people only trust people in their own professional field for answers, but part of my work is to teach people they can know literally anything. Being qualified isn't everything as I've caught many out myself or seen by others and if you know much about their job realise how many mistakes are made by those we are meant to trust. Most are because no one is infallible but expected to be, while a small group are deliberate to collect more money. Either way a good mind will beat anything else as many geniuses have been both self taught and experts in many other professions besides their own, true polymaths. Once you've tested yourself a few times you will soon discover what is reliable and can stick with, and no one can ever tell me that removing CO2 from the atmosphere will help the planet, except we can't really do it anyhow.

So there is a plan, and to complete the circle anyone who treats me or anyone else badly is doing it to themselves as it is their loss and their bad form. I would prefer to know someone who is rotten in the centre so I don't waste my own time on them any more, so if they show themselves up that's one less around. Again it's intuition, once you see the alarm bells no matter how many times someone appears to redeem themselves that has been revealed and is part of them which is never going to go unless they undergo an epiphany of sorts, which is the exception to the rule. One such fellow genuinely threatened to kill me after turning nasty a few years after I got to know him. That of course is the worst possible level but maliciousness is maliciousness and all mean that person is going to turn on you sooner or later. But one thing I do know, if they dump me someone else will be next, as it's in them not me.


rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

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Anonymous said...

Bloody hell here's another fucked up comment from rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia. How bad is this fellow? Send assassins David, you're OK but this guy is fucked.

David said...

Thanks anon, I think his contributions speak for themselves and told me when you suspect someone is a bit off then regardless of the denials are usually right. You can't really hide something like that or make excuses for it.