Sunday, January 02, 2011

Two fingers to 2011, three to 2010

2011, it's only a number mind you but maybe it will help organise my mind here. I've just been accused for however many times it is of knowing nothing about science, while in fact what they are telling me is the climatologists whose work I am daring to share as the media prefer not to know nothing about science. Now what makes one scientist better than another and qualified to say so? I know that one, nothing. They are wasting their energy and my money.

I had the usual people over for new year, with such competition I always ask a few more but they have their preferred venues so with my birthday a month later some come then instead, and one at least is on their way even sooner. I have no new (or even old really) projects for 2011, I'll keep taking photos and see if I can get to many new places after 5 years digital, and overcome the energy barrier of an hour's distance from home which kicked in with the virus in 2005 which knocked me back for two years. Photography was the one thing that got me out again and thank goodness for that, and may help even further in the future.
I will reply that there's no difference between the internet and the real world though, having had that pointed out yesterday. People are the same whether met on screen or in person, and many are now both anyhow so no difference at all. We nearly all had pen friends in the past, some we met, some we didn't, but were just as real and important as any others. This is only a wider version of it and only as most people online are thousands of miles away it's very hard to meet as many as we did in the old days. Of course everything in moderation, and nothing should take over our lives and if I had no other life I'd have nothing to blog about. And of course you have to spend time on the internet to go on and complain about others doing so. Just look in a mirror in future.

One thing I do know, none of us are going to change. If we kept this going another 30 years we'd probably learn a few new things and drop a few old ones as we all do sooner or later, but few by design and mainly by natural evolution. We seem truly elastic, you can pull someone way out from normal in any direction but they spring back pretty quickly, I think the DNA wins every time.

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