Saturday, January 22, 2011

Being too clever

Of course putting your life out there for all to see opens it up to full scrutiny, and of course judgement. However unless someone's actually hurt someone else then what's to judge? If people have problems they're suffering already so judging them as well just adds to it. Enough said.

Back to my reality. Not having a life is not actually a crime, and I share it here partly not to share it with people directly as I know they have to listen and readers can simply stop. You do have a choice unlike poor sods on the phone who can't keep inventing doorbells ('don't worry, I'll wait'), meals ('carry on eating, I'll be OK'), places to go ('OK, I'll go in a minute...') etc. You can't hold it in, and however bad it sounds it isn't. Other than that I'm learning loads of spiritual practice and philosophy, and even these little trials are sent partly to learn about them. Once you master any new situation it's off the problem list. I suspect I'm reaching the PhD end of the problems, ones so tough if I can crack that then I can crack anything. At almost 51 it's about bloody time as well thank you. I'm on Facebook standing up to the professional scientists responsible for your taxes and mine being raised to levels last seen in the feudal system, and despite nothing beyond O level science believe my logic can beat their maths any day. In the end intuition and logic win over everything, I noted yesterday that their behaviour told me instead of computers becoming so intelligent they could start thinking, intelligent people are getting so good at science they're stopping thinking and people are becoming like computers and not vice versa.

Once all loose ends are tied up I'm dropping that mission. I've fired all barrels at them and unless one or two who haven't commented actually challenge any of their own concepts as a result all I see are 'It's already settled, why are you wasting everyone's time?'. All I can say is it's better than wasting everyone's money. At least it's isolated my intuition, I had no scientific reasons for doubting global warming, but after a short time the reports I read conflicted with what I expected to follow. Guesses were getting further into the future, old ones were being altered, etc etc, and soon realised if they weren't right they had to be wrong. There is no grey area here. As you can't prove a negative, they have to prove their case and no one needs to try and disprove it, but the way they operate if you can't at least show they've got it wrong somehow they stand firm, so I scour for hundreds of studies, any of which could pull a few foundations from their case if true even if the rest proved 'discredited' as they claim all are. By professional scientists who disagree with them. It doesn't say much about their field if it's so easy for their colleagues to get it wrong, there shouldn't be the scope for it if you're so sure of your area it is used to make world policies.

I reckon these scenarios are here to teach everyone involved. If you have a bug to be fixed, you need something to raise it to the surface. Judgement is a pretty heavy bug to carry, and one which spreads around you like the shadow of a huge storm cloud across the sun. It covers up all your other qualities, as however clever, funny or caring you are, once you pass judgement all of those are gone. And just pointing out other people's problems doesn't make me judgemental, as we all have them, and only improve by discovering them and hopefully fixing them when we do. As I seem to have reached the toughest ones I am doing what I can to fix the final bugs I discovered in myself, but don't see that willingness in everyone who keeps reminding me I should to do the same for their own. I saw them long ago but wasn't my place or business to point them out unless they were aimed at me directly. I give the benefit of the doubt as well but as my intuition spots them before I do it is rarely wrong and see whatever I suspected is nearly always proved correct. I don't expect anyone to change though as people rarely do, but at least accept the observation and keep being judgemental, uncaring, undiplomatic, tactless, whatever, but at least know you're doing it and either revel in it and carry on or decide it's not getting you anywhere and learn to let it go. At least I am able to do that. Spock Out.

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