Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blogger update

This is my first post using the new format, firstly the font is already illegible so will probably have to redo the lot, but otherwise will see how it looks. My current hobby this year is filling in as many places on the map as I can with new photos, so keeps me out and about and managed Hampshire over the weekend which was my west extreme since I began on digital at the end of 2005. I needed a rest after two days in a row as the minimum distance is 15 miles for anywhere new and that's where the worst roads are, the others are 20-40 miles which is what I did on Sunday, so have to ration it a bit or I'll knacker myself. I also wrote another article which appears to be given a positive response, and otherwise more or less looking around for stuff to do. I caught up on shopping duties at least and got some exercise as I use the bike to get there, and just seeing my lists for whatever's built up while I was on the road for the past week or so.

The new room is being worked on again after a 2 week gap, and seems once the roof goes on the walls and floor will almost be ready. The space it'll free up in the house once I move the books and things in there will make it almost civilised. I hope to do another photo run tomorrow, the easier one won't fill much new space on the map but the one which will is quite a hard one in comparison and will need a good day before I take that on. There's an old road sign around the A25 in Surrey that only has a half remembered rough location and picture of the row of houses and sign for upcoming T junction to go on Streetview, and have done a 10 mile sweep after two weeks and nothing. Losing a sign on it is very easy but not a whole row of houses, there aren't many round there as it's in the sticks, and can even satellite view from above on the roads without a view. It would be nice to go at the weekend but would need something to turn up if I do.

So I've had a couple of busy weeks and with it being harder and harder to find places I can get to for new photo areas have had to wind it in a bit for now. No doubt something will turn up sooner or later, but no idea what.

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