Sunday, March 27, 2011

Left wing- politics of misery

Try as I might, for all my life I never understood the left. I think some are misguided in assuming taking money from the rich willl somehow make the poor better off, but Robin Hood was only a legend and that money goes to governments and their friends and rarely seen by anyone lower down. But the actual views I hear every day make me wonder if their proponents are sharing the same dimension and race as I do, as everything they appear to recommend would make our lives worse if put into practice. Just look at Cuba. It is divided into a few basic tenets. No one should have 'too much' money, whatever that means, or if communist, everyone should have the same, unless they run the country in some way. Or to each according to their needs. Well unless you're old or disabled I'd say they're pretty similar so not that different.

Then you have the state control and collectivism. Don't choose when and where you want to go, but have it restricted by law and enforced by police. Why is that exactly? Didn't we vote these people in to look after us and carry out the policies we chose, why should they be allowed to issue travel permits and fuel rations? Apart from places like Soviet Russia most of these are the wishes of the extremists rather than actual policies, but they don't seem to realise if they make everyone else suffer whatever restrictions they believe are necessary for man's sinful ways, they will be affected as well! No, many of these guys do not live in tents or mud huts and go to work by horse and cart or bus, they live in the same suburbs as me and usually have far more expensive cars. But they want other people to get the bus and burn wood in their houses but so would they if it became law.

They also seem to have a very liberal view of human nature. It's roughly called moral relativism, otherwise known as accepting all cultures as both equal and able to share spaces together. The fact that before arriving on our shores within their own countries the standard culture in many parts of the world is to kill the neighbouring tribe as they are ethnically different. Eastern Europe as well as Asia and Africa have small enclaves of ethnic tribes who consider themselves outsiders in whichever place they share, while the socialists accept such as equal when they flee to the London boroughs of red, and somehow forget every fight they've had with the infidels and oppressors since birth when they suddenly start earning a living wage. And amazingly the ethnic minorities the socialists tell us are equal do not follow their own beliefs in their own countries, but ones normally associated with the opposite end of the political spectrum. Multicultural actually means we can all hate the others equally and avoid them even when they move in next door. And hear black people running down Asians and vice versa, and Chinese running down everyone else.

If you set up a camp where everyone had to live by the sort of principles normally associated with victims of remote plane crashes, no private vehicles, renewable power, no income above the average etc, these people would nearly all wake up within a few days, and the ones left over would probably end up like the men who live in the woods with beards made of matted wool and talking to themselves as people cross the path to avoid them. And the number who actually earn well above the average wage now would be the first to pay an accountant should a new socialist government actually raise taxes the way they request, as the general rule appears to be on the left that every idea is for you, and not for me. You mustn't drive to work, earn so much, have two houses, send your children to private school, have a gas boiler, make successful investments (they destroy the third world economy you see), complain when the waiting list for the doctor runs into weeks as the local borough of Havana on Thames invites a few more Pakistani villages to relocate to the newly built stalags which used to contain private housing, whinge when your five year old struggles to handle English grammar as he is one of only three English speaking children in the class and the teachers have to concentrate on the others, or take your holiday in Brighton or Blackpool instead of flying abroad to save the planet, encouraged by the fact the taxes would make flying so expensive it would only be possible by party members.

It seems freedom is anathema to such people, who fear so much the idea of other people encroaching on their lifestyles or causing some kind of damage to their planet that we must impose such dire rules and regulations on every areas of our lives lest other human beings become so wild and uncontrolled their animal instincts make their lives a living hell. That's apparently political altruism for you, and a type only a few weeks in North Korea could cure. I wish I could arrange it for every single one I know.

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