Friday, March 25, 2011

Out and about

My new photography project has kept me busy this year, although with the object being to extend my map coverage as far as possible gets harder each time as I run out of reasonable trips to make. But I've done 2-4 trips a week so far and then spend a good few hours posting them with exact map locations when I get in. Here's a selection from yesterday's trip to Ware, primarily to get one of the last three known no entry signs with catseyes, changed in 1953 and abolished altogether ten years later.

Otherwise it's business as usual, one more article on the system now and working on the spiritual as usual, and worked out one thing from experiences online that I am able to see through scams most people accept until the trick's been explained to them. That gets you a lot of abuse as qualified people don't like being made to feel stupid so just call you a liar as they can't see it. I'd rather know it and at least not be surprised when our money is stolen than assume everyone in authority is there to help us. My arse they are. A few are, many are turned once they get there to fit in, and the rest join for the power and money they get out of it. No thanks. My new conservatory is planned for completion in a couple of weeks, and the house will then have some space in it at last when some junk can be cleared from the other rooms. That's about it so far and hope things keep adding new material.

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