Saturday, March 05, 2011

Progress report

Let's see if I can get some followers back. I've been doing some new spiritual practices offered free online, and seem to be getting insights about all sorts of things one after another which once taken on board are permanent. Things are noticed and click into place. I've been told about a couple more treatments to wipe out other issues and will see if any results come, I'm very pleased people are prepared to offer them all free.

Otherwise with the improving light I've started going to take new places for my photo map, as a collector anything will do and gets me seeing places I haven't been to for ages again. I also had my garage roof finally repaired and the extension is half finished on the back so making plenty of progress. That's about it really but some pretty big stuff sorted out, as well as the car service which now makes a lot less noise than it did before. So I'll continue the work and sorting the house out, I think I'm starting to get my act together now and the interesting part is no effort is involved. The practices are very easy and the results seem to follow either coincidentally or automatically, either way it hasn't been from actively contorting my mind (against the grain) as recommended to, but doing the equivalents of yoga and astral work and the changes just seem to follow. That's the way I've suspected would work if anything did and all this positive thought crap which simply deludes the mind which snaps back in seconds has never seemed right to me. That intuition seemed to work and can now tell anyone else what has and hasn't passed my tests.

And by the way, don't be shy to comment even if you've got nothing to say, once we all got comments and found new blogs to read as a result, it's a dry as a witch's tit nowadays, everyone seems to have gone to Facebook and forgotten the few of us left here.

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