Sunday, April 17, 2011

Too busy to blog?

I am beginning to suspect with all the competition from Facebook etc Blogger is finally winding down, with fewer people writing and apparently even fewer reading what the last of us who do write. As there is a counter that seems to be more than a suspicion but as long as it is above zero will keep turning up.

I've been too busy to get on the computer for a week or so besides uploading my photos, the long days allow longer trips and takes hours to map reference every one before adding to the site. We've also had to return to my late grandma's to clear the final tut out before it's sale, and they now want the garden done despite it being empty for nearly two years. Not a reasonable request, our gardener just gave up and I can't do it as it's like clearing a forest. It's a shame Roger doesn't still read here as like all weather even mine changes sooner or later, and started seeing more friends again after the first ever barren period in nearly 50 years. As people aren't sheep (unless they believe in global warming) you can't simply corrall them to your life when the old flock has broken up, they are more like cats in they come and go as they please and choose who they associate with. Everyone reading needed patience.

I have more arrangements for the next few days with photo trips either side planned, and is pretty good to be able to see the places I haven't seen for years now I'm getting out and about more again. We all discover sooner or later nothing lasts for ever, whether it be people, abilities or anything else. Impermanence, as Buddha said, and we can only do what we can now and not get attached to anything lasting. Like comments on your blog I suppose...

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