Saturday, April 02, 2011

World domination has come

I wonder how many people here have been blogging for nearly 7 years (it would have been longer had I know of this site earlier) without a gap- none of the people I read at the start even have blogs mainly let alone add to them, and most of the ones I've followed since haven't posted in months or years. I do find more at Facebook myself now as well as blogging on a small site where I know everyone as well as this, but it's in the archives and Sky-Hi Lee is still one of the only mentions of him on the web and gets regular hits, like my main site which was built to fill spaces where other data hadn't been posted anywhere else.

I am currently in the first stages of my latest spiritual work, but one I believe to be capable of delivery. I'll mention more if there's more to mention but the results seem to be fairly hard to question so far. In the material world I've been making long photo runs a few times a week now this year, and starting to run out of reasonable trips within my current capabilities. No doubt something else will turn up and as long as I've completed that mission will be quite happy as it is. The news outside is dismal, on the verge of a nuclear disaster in Japan, not if but when of course as it's a monster only safe while contained. And the bill do decommission our own in the UK came out today, many billions over decades to mop up any savings while they were working. Madness.

Otherwise we have Libya, where the whole Arab world operates in more or less the same way (as they are today) simply replacing one savage dictator and regime with another as that is their personal version of government and should be left to rot in their own filth. Many who do object to such regimes do not challenge them but escape and come here and similar places like Norway and Canada who revel in welcoming refugees from around the world regardless of quality and room available (precisely zero in the UK for one). Despite fraud cropping up in virtually every graph the global warming wars are ploughing ahead full speed- the EU will ban cars from cities now by 2050, confirming their total hatred of freedom and in fact turning Europe tomorrow into exactly the same as the Arab world today. Indeed, instead of trying to raise the Arabs up to our current level (as if it was possible) in fact we are falling towards theirs and the Chinese levels of totalitarian collectivism and god help all of us if they complete this mission.

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