Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Global logic

As a therapist and hypnotist I am depressed and horrified with the ease the majority of the world have been persuaded to accept vast costs and restrictions for something which is 100% undetectable, and in fact not actually real as our current climate is completely within historic patterns of change.

That aside the saddest part is failure to analyse. What does a slightly warmer world mean to me? Firstly you look at warmer places here. The worst are the desert regions and the simple answer is people don't live there very much. Logical captain. Warm the planet and they indeed increase, while the polar deserts, where even less can live (the Antarctic landmass (ie not the surrounding sea) has no animals or plants larger than your fingertip as permanent residents), would decrease accordingly. That would be expected to roughly even out.

Then the chaotic weather. What is the weather where you live like? Predictable? Regular? Always harmless? I doubt it, you have a prevailing climate (ie local annual average seasons) with the weather variations within. There is no new weather, you will just get more or worse of what there is already. No more is possible. Then look to history to see the planet in past warm conditions. There was no chaos, more people survived and food production increased. That is all.
So, I ask, what are people worried about? Clearly they believe everything Al Gore has told them, despite it not bearing any connection to either what we know about the past or any threat of it happening in our lifetimes if at all. It simply shows me the world has been given an IQ test and failed dramatically. I don't know how we can fix this, once infected few have so far returned to reality, and while people worry about non-existent bad weather after they're all dead then they can't notice the real threats the authorities don't want us to worry about. Terrifying.

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