Saturday, December 22, 2012

Simple rules for living

I've worked out my approach to life (not politics, as that's an ideological base) is down to two words, 'what works?'. That simple formula can be applied to all our similar lives, and would suggest to begin with we look at the basic essentials:

Cheap and available energy: We all need an optimum temperature to live in, which requires heating, which requires energy. Take that away and you reduce every level of the quality of life.

Cheap and available fuel: Do you travel to work? How much do your fares cost you? Many people appear to believe by raising fuel price people will use public transport more (which doesn't go exactly where nearly anyone wants directly), although their costs rise exactly the same amount as private cars. Reduce the ability to travel and you reduce the ability to work and see friends and family. And it raises the prices of everything else. All food and heating are essential commodities, so are spent first ahead of options and luxuries, so the poorer you are the more you pay as a proportion of your total capital.

The protection principle: In law this is the same as the golden rule of the bible. Protect people from threats to themselves and their property. That's it. Anything else by definition is harmless, and therefore should not be a crime. No personal, local or moral issues which do not also fulfil this beyond reasonable doubt (the legal level of a crime) should not be law.

Minimal government: As with the criminal law, so should civil law be to the minimum. Provide a safety net for those unable to work, free health care and nationalise public services as you cannot compete for a single railway line or water supply. That will ensure no restrictions to the energy and transport system and individuals should never be penalised for their health problems which cost the same to fix for all but affect everyone regardless of their income.

I will continue to edit more in but these pretty well cover the basics, and I can't see much anyone can argue about on this as other concepts such as equality and positive discrimination etc are ideological constructs which have no basis in actual nature.

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