Wednesday, December 05, 2012

How I got dragged into global warming

Long ago I abandoned the news as a source of interest as most of it was space filling and the rest depressing, and having been sucked into it for a few months as Facebook was flooded with US election campaigning, not even my country but affects the world in their case, I really ought to be cured for life. It's nonsense, most is made up (I could explain why but I'd need a few pages) and the rest just demonstrates how totally nasty people can be.

I just read David Icke was told to get out of politics as it was a dirty business and become spiritual, which is exactly what he did over 20 years ago now, and as he taught me in his books a lot of what I know now I am following him but so far only on the internet and reaching a handful of people. I do believe a few stories I find are both pure gold (only as evidence people have been busted cheating in the news, see my earlier making up comment) and unreported beyond the internet, some for over a decade gathering virtual i-dust, and saved by me. There is a weight growing, and rather than people getting it gradually seems it needs a certain amount to build up before everyone suddenly gets it. If you've ever heard of psychics being channeled information, when they are shown a screen and pictures along with telepathic information, that is how it seemed to happen with me. For example, being fascinated by extreme weather (I live in London, we get everything in neutral here) when I read the sea levels were going to rise and flood London I was interested mainly as it was something I could watch. Tornado chasers don't enjoy seeing people's property being destroyed but there's something about nature overwhelming the landscape which pulls the attention of many, or National Geographic wouldn't fill half the day with it.

I kept up with the articles, and after a few years went to check what was going on and even in that period discovered the figures to be about a tenth of the original claims, and by then the internet was available so followed them all up. Bearing in mind my legal training I came across the sort of fabricated nonsense a company would use to defraud their investors and siphon the money to themselves, and then use every trick in the book to divert attention until they'd got to Brazil. I was not happy, and decided to save all this material in a file as I wanted to challenge the claims in some way directly.

That was over ten years ago, I now have pages of material all stored on the computer and here, the claims have never changed since day one in the 80s, and the ensuing time has shown them to continue to have never existed in reality as the reality is within normal variations. The only effect of sharing this information is anyone young enough now to live to the time when the temperature hasn't risen for so long the whole issue quietly evaporates will remember someone kept going on about it back in the 2000s and it wasn't something everyone accepted and believed at the time. That's it. Nothing more, just a few people in 30-40 years will remember that obsessive nutcase who kept quoting figures from other scientists disagreeing with those paid by the politicians was right but too late now as they needed to learn it directly from observation. But they'll all be lighting candles and burning wood to keep alive by then so too late to stop the damage after the event.

But I had no other interest in the topic, and apart from the possibility of a day off work (it never happened) when it snowed I really didn't care about the weather and how it was generated, and forced me into an area of physics I left at 16 as it became too hard to follow. I learnt a lot about debate and psychology, and history of propaganda going back 100 years to its German roots. People in each generation go through the same process of being sorted into the leaders and followers, with the leaders exploiting the followers to believe whatever they need them to to rob them blind. From church indulgences, the South Sea Bubble and then Enron and Bernie Madoff, the people never saw it coming. Unless that pattern can be broken we'll be robbed every single generation as no one looks back and sees how it was done to the last. It's always happened, the pattern was identical except for the particular illusion projected to the public, and people would rather learn from their own direct loss than the suffering of others before them. The illusion becomes more and more sophisticated and complicated, with Al Gore now using the exact methods which got Enron sent down for fraud in carbon trading, but now legalised to 'save the planet', and the worst thing is not that he's doing it as the world's full of crooks, but people believe him. I am so disappointed with humanity I sometimes feel like I'm not part of it.

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