Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wolves in sheep's clothing

The more I learn the more sense I see in the bible, that these situations were all seen and known about (no need for God, it's human awareness and discovery) yet we never learn as each generation is born in ignorance. Today's lesson is recognise your enemy, going right back to the bible and not just the wolf but Satan himself, who works by coming like the saviour, promising everything, getting your trust with gifts and bribes, and then eating you or burning down your house when you're asleep.

So today we have charities, politicians and qualified scientists all trying to make people change how they live (not in a good way) to stop a process they claim will cause chaos but we won't know as it'll be too far ahead to know. If you get an advert which looks too good to be true or wrong in some way the chances are (99.99r%) you will be ripped off. Pigs in pokes, hidden products relying on trust and faith alone, which you get back home and unwrap and find a pile of bricks and no laptop, are always indicated by vague adverts, often from foreign shores, offering something for nothing but only if you- pay in advance for your gift (a gift you pay for? but people do), a 'mystery gift' you call a premium number and spend £10 to find out what it is, a ten year guarantee for a company who won't exist in a year, etc etc. These are all familiar to Citizen's Advice, the police and lawyers around the world, but not the public as the first (and sometimes second) time these envelopes come through the door people of all ages and social levels jump into action as they think they've got something for nothing.

The same mechanism operates with any scheme to get your money or daughters. They either use carrots such as free gifts and promises, or sticks where if you don't do what they offer you'll be in terrible trouble. The reality is always the same, they've taken just enough solid material to catch your trust, and when they've got it and you've spent money paying for a man on the internet's travel to see his sick mother abroad, or get out of a foreign cell etc, when they ask for more instead of telling them to fuck off you're usually hooked (just read the stories in the papers where people piss away their life savings gradually to these professional crooks) despite never even meeting them in many cases. That trust is a human weakness and they rely on it and exploit it.

So the lesson is, know your enemy. I'd worked out the reason people still fall for global warming even after it's stopped long enough not to be global warming any more (they said 15 years without a rise, it's now 16) was they don't think these high and mighty pillars of society (like Hitler was in the 30s for example) have anything but their best interest at heart and why on earth would they ever want to hurt us? The answer is simple, they are psychopaths and that's what they do, but there's no need to psychoanalyse the mugger pointing a gun at you any more than these bastards doing it with laws instead, making anyone who challenges them the criminal. If you can educate the masses (as they exist, they prove it regularly by voting in the sort of people who caused this scandal in the first place) to recognise bad guys without black hats or masks they would lose their power. It's another illusion, that our lords and masters are generally there to get as much out of it for themselves and care not a thing about their subjects except inasmuch to gain their trust. So your local MPs will always sort out your problems and do their jobs to the best of their ability, while voting to take most of your money and property away from you on false causes.

As I said before, scratch the surface. Don't assume a politician, policeman or anyone else is there because of their love for others, they are doing a job, and one which both pays their bills and gives them a tremendous amount more power than everyone else has. Look at their actions and history. The Common Market burnt and buried food to keep the prices up, and made Greece suffer with high exchange rates to make their sales expensive to customers to save the Euro. They don't care about the Greeks, the other countries in a similar position, or even the Germans as to them they are just herds of useless eaters they can corral and control as far as possible. Don't try and analyse them as they are not rational, just determined to do what they do, the same reason billionaires still try and save money although they can't ever spend it or twenty generations of issue ahead. It's simply a single lesson, all on this entry, to question the integrity of everyone in charge of you and every rule they  make. Don't assume anything, least of all if they give you something they're on your side, especially as politicians don't use their money but take it off other people, often who can't afford it. They're not giving away anything, they're just moving money around. And not how you want it, but how they do.

So to summarise, if people begin by assuming everyone making rules for them has to be put on trial before you know what they're like, and by historic experience this is often against you and your country's interest, you can keep them out of power. So by raising energy and fuel prices for example, which are essentials for life, people have to spend money on them first (as with food which also goes up directly as a result) the poor spend more of their capital on it than anyone else. Why are they doing this again? To stop the world getting a little warmer after we're dead and can't ever know either way? I can see the disconnect, many others can, but not enough, nowhere near enough, as besides the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia (apologies to the Saudis, I forgot them last time) no other government I know of speaks out against it. Half these countries roughly are democratic, and a few like America even have an opposition party who do, so you can get something else, but people can't see who's the enemy. Obama is such a nice man, and he's black. So fucking what? So is Herman Cain, but listen to their speeches and you will (assuming you've learnt today's lesson) see Herman Cain is a genuine decent person who is one of a minority of politicians (or they wouldn't all be in power doing the same things currently) while Obama speaks like a robot and talks utter rubbish much of the time when you read it back afterwards. So they accuse Herman Cain of some bogus criminal activity and bump him off the opposing candidates against Obama, as he may well have beaten him.

It is simply a reversal of our attitude, from inclusion to exclusion, to assume we can't trust a single person rather than we can trust them all unless it's too bloody late as they've ripped us off and run away already. It always works the same way, give a stranger (who knows politicians like friends or family?) too much trust and you're fucked. The methods are diverse and the results are universal, a loss of wealth and health or worse. People must start learning from experts with no axe to grind and ignore the bribes and smooth talk of our rulers as if they give you a pound they'll take two soon enough. And it's not their money anyway, it could be your own mother's.

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