Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The lowest levels of world politics, 2013

Half time in the new Korean war. As I wasn't born the last time I only assume the bad guys won, and now have decided they don't just want half the country but the rest of it, but had they the means to do so would have actually invaded, rather than the actual statement they will retaliate if attacked. Yes, most countries will. They can make nuclear weapons as well, but don't we all? So looking back at the actual situation they are little different from Iran, and technically America are arguably worse as they actually do go in to random foreign countries (including Korea itself of course) and kick arse, even though very few if any (eg Vietnam) have gained them or anyone else a single thing as a result.

Meanwhile the modern version of war is carried out economically, with Cyprus being the first official victim of a cash grab, one setting the precedent for both what the EU can now do, and may well repeat indefinitely in similar circumstances. If it wakes people up it will be worth every penny, as you can't expose a demon without catching them doing something which confirms to all their nature. No hints or clues any more, nothing requiring arguments and academic discussions, the EU are thieves and sacrifice their citizens for the Fourth Reich, I mean united Europe. United, of course, in such a similar way to the Third Reich as to be almost undistinguishable should it happen, and as I said last week, if I'd asked anyone two weeks ago if they thought a civilised country could steal money from its own citizens without a hitch you'd have said possibly Zimbabwe at a push, but probably not.

Well now the superstate which gets closer and closer to the empires of the past, Ottoman, Roman, Greek and most of all the attempted German empire which took my ancestors five years to defeat, it seems we only lost another battle but the war is continuing.

Overall we have the dual situations of the crazy and uncivilised managing to exist in a world where they have contact with the outside but carrying on as they are, as in rural Pakistan, Yemen, North Korea, Zimbabwe and half of Africa for a start, and the civilised but evil rulers using their sophistication to carry out similar regimes so quietly people hardly notice what is happening till they've lost their life savings. Economics is divided into accounting and macro economics, which is the more academic and complex area, while the accounting involves a nice database and a calculator. Base the work on the fundamental theories, who benefits from interest rates, how a gold standard works, what currencies do in relation to commodities etc, which is certainly covered at A level in total, and the general policies we are presented with can easily be seen to benefit the corporations at the expense of the workers and savers, ie they don't just fuck the rich OR the poor, but both at the same time. That is akin to having a Cossack soldier at either end with a member in each orifice, if you'll excuse the image. We are being screwed from both sides with no one escaping.

My blog is designed to point this out. I'm only on the radio when I phone, and tell them this to the extent the two regular presenters often quote me, and this blog is the only other place I can save the information where anyone can learn it. It's all verifiable, sourced and pretty hard to question. Now at least the Cypriots understand the potential of the EU and anyone in a similar position is now aware they may follow. Like Barack Obama, who made CO2 a pollutant, which would mean there would be no life on earth if it was gone, so can be called 'the liar, Barack Obama', although I don't know the official term (I don't think one exists) for it, the EU are thieves but made it legal to do so. But a thief would presumably not stop being one if they had the authority not to be made a crime when they did it. The carbon trading was considered a fraud when the board of Enron were convicted of it, but not now it's become official, and far worse as the Enron customers chose to risk it while we all pay through our taxes.

So a pattern can be seen here, firstly of the default position of governments, currently at the very least, working for themselves and their paymasters (David Rockefeller, George Soros, Al Gore, Henry Kissinger, Mikhail Gorbachev to name the main known panel, some ex leaders and others happy to finance the policies in return for guaranteed investments), George Soros while campaigning through three separate PR companies to demonise fossil fuel had almost a hundred million sunk into Petrobras, the Brazilian oil company, while Al Gore set up the carbon trading company he paid his own credits into which made him a billionaire. Plus the British politicians with huge stakes or directorships of the green energy companies they legislate to subsidise. That's identical to what they did in Cyprus, but needs someone to explain it, and someone else to actually understand the explanation. Till now they kept going simply as they were subtle enough to hide behind others' ignorance, but all crooks get greedy and by crossing the line in Cyprus what at worst were a few vague suspicions, are now knowns. So the Cypriot grab may be the defining moment in world politics, as this century till now only the academics were aware of the structure, and despite constant attempts to communicate were only hitting a brick wall. The beast has now been exposed, a few poor countries may now be worrying as well while the rest assume they can't be affected, but whether or not Sweden or Austria are susceptible to debt recovery actions, they all now know the true intent of the EU.


rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

Having been in hospital several times over the past few months I am now catching up on your blog.
I remember the Korean war, officially it has not ended and nobody is a winner.
Have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Hill_in_Korea because the book was very good and the film even better. It was shown at the Granada cinema Willesden and there is a scene when Harry Landis as Private Rabin mentions missing go to the Granada cinema Willesden. There was a big loud cheer when that was said in the film.
Anyway expect the UK, USA, Australia governments to be issuing Ration Books and Petrol Rationing soon and another tax to pay for this war that will happen. I always knew it was a mistake to knock down the WW2 air-raid shelters, if you think the Cuba crises was a second short of WW3 then this war is a millisecond short of WW3. OK must dash now to shops to stock up with tins of powered milk, fruit, vegetables, flour, powdered eggs etc and where the hell is that gas mask and black tape for the windows.

Back in hospital again soon. Having prostrate removed. Also problems with my bladder so expect to keep the damn catheter with a tap on it there for life. Now have type 1 diabetes so on insulin jabs etc. Oh well at 71 (next month) I won't get called up to fight in WW3 that is coming to your home soon.

David said...

Blimey, sorry to hear that, you've got one thing on top of another there.

I can't see anything actually happening in Korea though. I've been reading the experts, and their conventional weapons won't go beyond 1000 miles or so while the others are decades old. None believe they have nuclear yet and no other country, especially China, would get involved to support them. They are a lunatic state isolated from the rest of the world and destined to waste the entire lives of their citizens who generally have little idea what goes on beyond their own borders, and doubt Obama would touch it with a bargepole besides very big words.