Saturday, April 13, 2013

Catching up

Due to the lack of response and rude comments when there was I've been keeping my personal activities blogged on another site and used this for other material, but I've done so much since I may as well catch up.

My personal activities have as always been fitting in hobbies (collecting mainly), friends and family with whatever work I can get, and my spiritual path. So besides all that, taking photos wherever I can get to and finding old road signs to take as well my main theme is how much is my life now guided, and then how much can I be the guide rather than the unknown forces at present. On Tuesday I had a small example, so far besides synchronicities and phases the specific guidances were virtually all to point me to old road signs, including one I saw in a dream (including the missing end) before finding months later in a different place. I was considering a major trip to Essex for two more as it was the only free day this week, when my weekly evening visitor put me off in case she arrived earlier than usual. My only other idea was to get a DVD recorder secondhand to copy my VHS tapes onto, and the main secondhand shop was opposite the only electrical shop selling DVD equipment to get the required cables. There was also a charity shop selling similar things but too late to get to both so just went to the main ones, and found the Cash Converters I'd used for years was locked and empty (are they all?) so went to the electrical shop and checked out their new equipment, risking another computer box like the one which didn't work last year, being convinced by the assistant there was no reason for it not to, and it cost more than that one but he said it was better quality so went for it regardless. Hours later I found a dropdown menu hidden in a text box, switched the source and it kicked into action. Although (my doing, you couldn't plan that far ahead) the videos were on long play so low quality, they are now online albeit the photo snaps I bought it to make are much vaguer than real photos, but clearly what they are meant to be.

Looking for the guidance in all areas (it's either there or not, I don't think it's saved for special occasions) I see certain smaller events which are running smoothly and fitting together well, the incredible time they seem to take is a bit of a mystery as although I'm not ancient most people have done a heck of a lot more on their chosen paths at my age than I have (no partner/children/fame etc) and want enough time when still healthy enough to enjoy the fruits of my labours if and when they ever complete. My paranormal research seems to raise more lessons than learning, a rich source of material online, which basically allow me to see auras more easily and often and so far not a huge amount else. My writing is growing, I have a book ready for a publisher now as a course anyone can read and become immune to all types of fraud. It's so important everyone should read it, and as a result I will happily do it for nothing should any publisher dare to risk taking it on. My only published article was a few years old before it was used, and once the material is written then it can be used whenever required.

The woman who wanted to marry me a while back is still around as my most local friend, and unless her formula of marriage or nothing shifts, it's like an insurance policy for me and have been working to see how much I can generate from the relationship in case it reaches a level it would become a reasonable marriage prospect, and it is growing over time. Normally I either think a woman is suitable or not, maybe 10-20% of all girlfriends are marriage material given the opportunity, this one was always girlfriend material, normally that would either last or die, and if it lasted if it improved enough then marriage would be the next step. Instead there's little or no relationship to build it from, and although definitely not against the idea it is a long way from what I expected from a possible wife, again if guided then it's to point me towards someone who's not obvious to me but better than many I think are. I'm sure she's testing me in some ways (or had already) so given the offer I'd be mad not to test her myself, as without a real chance to know directly I have to check all the peripheral areas.

It's now finally spring with long days so my photo trip season has returned, I have a few long trips planned and if even one is done I'll be happy (I mean long, as the rest were finished last year and no others really left) if it extends my coverage beyond its current limit. I'll keep on with the spiritual work and anything else that happens is ahead of me.

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