Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Global warming, a universal lesson

Global warming is the lesson for the entire remaining people in the world to grow up and rely on their own wits rather than those in authority. Currently the world is divided roughly into two groups, those who totally accept the ever increasing claims of the scientists and those who ignore their degrees and simply judge the figures.

The jury system is based on trial by peers, and accepts everyone... eligible is an equal arbiter, given the professionals to present and explain the evidence, which has absolutely no limits as to its technical content. Bearing this in mind, we can already see a clear precedent for trusting the untrained mind with technical issues, as logic comes above training, and anyone with ten fingers can count to see if the figures add up.

People must mature, and those without must gain independent minds. This means whoever has told them what it must be tested first before being trusted. We soon get to feel what is right and wrong with practice, and any lawyer or detective can spot a liar a mile off, and with a little encouragement so can everyone. People lie, professionals no less than any others. Currently around 50% of scientific papers have been found to be made up to maintain someone's career, as the urge to succeed is far stronger than the urge to be right. This permeates the entire world, and not just the third world and Italy are ravaged with government fraud, the west just cover it up better.

If eventually the entire story comes apart and those responsible are shown to have been dishonest from the start, the lesson will be learnt by circumstances, but do we really have to wait an indefinite period for that to possibly happen, or should we instead hope one by one new people will learn to stand on their own feet and think for themselves, trusting their own instincts above all others as logic is a universal quality and wins every fight.

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