Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thought police, the details

Having been required to refine my observation on the 21st century phenomenon of 'my opinion or no opinion', or 'this is not an opinion, it is right', I will make a nice checklist of the main examples so everyone is clear exactly what it means.
All these would normally have been considered either a personal preference or an uncertain position but now if you're not on their side you're the enemy.

Gay Marriage: To quote Will Self (who allowed me to discover this phenomenon): "If you disagree with gay marriage you're homophobic". Well that's one opinion killed stone dead for a start.

Immigration: Although now the Labour Party who created this meme with Tony Blair have now abandoned it in the face of opposition from everyone in the country swamped by immigration including many of the earlier immigrants, "If you disagree with, or even want to discuss unlimited immigration you're racist". But there is still a hard core trying to hold on to this.

Global warming: If you even dare to point out firstly the current position is far from certain, and their actual fears are based so far in the future as to be unknowable you are called a murderer. Lovely.

Equality: There are two types of equality, first the fact (ie not an opinion) every human life is equal. Then the political, as in people should not be allowed to become too rich compared to the others. That is their opinion and they are totally entitled to it, but try questioning it with one of them and see what happens.

Diversity: This came with immigration, as the motivation for justifying it to the people, and giving them a false cause to pursue. This means TV programmes need a representative sample of black and disabled people, as do workplaces, and they also want Britain (as that is where I know about) to be homogenised to be as diverse as possible, one spokesman describing his visit to Newcastle as being 'Disgustingly white'. If he is white (they always are, it's a form of patronising the minorities that it is nearly always the guilty majority members pretending to work on their behalf) then I'd suggest he makes damn sure his children marry people from ethnic minorities to stop his family also being disgustingly white, and ideally make sure one of their children is disabled as well.
But mad as I see it, I do not try and stop people having their opinion that diversity is not just good, but in their view the only way society should be.
Therefore, of course, they then need to spread their range elsewhere once Britain has been successfully homogenised, from women only shortlists to quotas for TV programme casts, and make sure China and Africa become more diverse and less black and oriental, and after watching a programme about NBA basketball guarantee a white quota in their teams, as at present they are disgustingly black (to use their own phrase equally). When put this way it pretty well sums up their entire attitude.

Multiculturalism: The Tweedledum to the Tweedledee of diversity, this is the invented philosophy that millennia of history can be swept aside and it's only right to live with as much of a mixture of cultures as possible. One word response, why?

Abortion: This is a throwback to the feminist movement, which is responsible in a large way for the current general position, having both fought for the rights for abortion and gender diversity in the workplace. But when it led to a possible EU law forcing a minimum number of women company directors it has gone mad, and the view 'Disagree with abortion and you are against women's rights' appears to put the rights of a person above those of life itself. Very sinister.

I'll add any more ideas as they come to me, but this is the 21st century left/liberal set of beliefs, which unless you agree with them are condemned as a criminal and treated as one. As Marx pointed out so accurately, extremes will balance, and the immigration meme is already withering on the vine, and using the momentum of freedom of thought it ought to only be a matter of time when the others fall as well.

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