Thursday, July 18, 2013

Britain needs immigration to cover future pensions? My arse it does.

They now want 140,000 immigrants a year indefinitely to 'cover the pension borrowing'. They actually frame it as an either/or position, as if one is entirely dependent on the other, while in reality the two positions are either they want im...migration and are using this as the best excuse they can think of, or far more likely is they want to maintain interest rates near to zero, which indeed cannot generate anywhere close to a living pension level, so need to find other ways to pay for it, which someone suggested may come from higher immigration (although I am not aware of a single country ever using that as a solution).

In the end we have a clear situation that pensions need to be paid for, but the major factor behind it is not borrowing but lending. At present Britain has decided to continue the same path which caused the crash in 2008 or so, of living beyond its means and letting future generations pay for it. There have been no new curbs on either borrowing or lending, so people continue to run up debts for no reason (ie it is spent on expensive cars and holidays, and then either racks up far more interest than the original sum as paid off so slowly, or defaulted on altogether) just as before. The country does exactly the same, and deliberately keeps their own level down by fixing interest rates near zero, rather than create growth through manufacturing or investment.

This means we end up with a country which produces as little as possible, cannot support itself, and simply charges its debts on the citizens, who pay it back over decades through reduced pensions and higher taxes, combined with far higher energy prices and commodities, as they rise as the currency falls. This means food, oil, gold and everything else which has intrinsic or assigned value is the genuine currency, and the paper worth of fiat currency is reduced along with interest rates, and there is a net outflow of cash abroad as a result as investment goes elsewhere.

So ultimately the government are saying they will continue to maintain the powerful position of the banks, who are the ultimate receivers of the lost money from the investors earning way below inflation, and will further use this to increase further immigration for reasons we really don't know about. But the ultimate problem they have raised of paying for pensions could be solved at a stroke simply by raising interest rates, which would bring in foreign investment, raise the pound and as a net importer make imports far cheaper. It would then reduce house prices (three times higher than the EU average) as the monthly mortgage payments would remain roughly the same so need to reduce the total price accordingly. Only property companies would lose as everyone only living in one property would make a profit as soon as they sold up as what they bought would be cheaper plus the people who paid too much as interest rates were low would lose out, but they had no business buying in the first place as you must spend as much as you can afford at the highest likely rate, not max out at the lowest as you will guarantee hardship when they do go up. But 2-3 times as many people lose from lower interest rates than gain.

But overall this is an ideal example of government propaganda and lies, as not a single word of this claim (reiterated yesterday but I haven't found a link yet) is genuine, it is simply a plausible excuse to sodomise the country even more
This is before we consider the guaranteed consequences of trying to force more people onto an island with one of the highest population densities in the world already, even if we managed to import enough medical practitioners and teachers etc (it takes 4-7 years to train new ones here even if enough new people were capable of qualifying) just building more houses and flats alone wouldn't allow the existing power and water plants to add underground and physical capacity to expand sufficiently to cope with the increase, let alone the regular added increases through childbirth. Suffice to say if you visit some of the already jam-packed areas of London (not even considering the added costs of translation and teaching people who barely speak English, which is just a side-effect) and imagine each area nearby becoming the same, with the queues for services and waiting time for treatment increasing towards third world levels, that is what they wish for Britain. Add the social problems of growing ghettoes, where quite naturally when enough people from one community arrive in a country they form a small version of it there, and effectively isolate themselves in an island within their chosen location to live for valid economic reasons, some never even required to learn English as they can simply work for existing immigrants in the same community, forming an entirely separate economic and social bubble within a larger community.
This is the true picture of multiculturalism and diversity. We end up with a crowded mess of individual and isolated pockets of what are also often the lowest and poorest members of any given group, and especially if part of a religion far different from their hosts', are actively requested not to 'westernise' themselves, but strictly maintain their own ways, often to the extent of ostracising members who do not as they discover they quite like the freedom here compared to the restrictions they grew up with abroad. Only people who have not yet experienced this directly can claim otherwise, as I am in the middle of it here and seen how it suddenly appeared around 30 years ago, and has now escalated to similar 'communities within communities' I was so shocked to see when I first visited America in 1980. They, however, still have a largely empty country with land borders as well, while if you look at London the only solutions to housing everyone is to go upwards and demolish the nice houses and putting up flats, forcing up the population density by many times for the same area of land. That is not even related to who is occupying the spaces, but the stress it puts on the area the same way rats begin to eat each other when the density reaches a certain point. We may not do that but can still sense that point where there are just too many people around, and the economic loss alone of vastly increased traffic wrecks the quality of life and wastes hours a week getting from one place to another for absolutely no reason as we have both created and imported a problem we should never have had to suffer, let alone deliberately adding to it indefinitely.

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